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Florida bill SB 670 moved through the Florida Senate this last week.  The bill would provide protection from accountability and responsibility for owners and investors in nursing homes.  In the end, it would also limit the amount that could be recovered in damages. The deep pockets of private equity firms and passive investors would be protected under a measure passed by the Senate on Thursday.

Obviously, profits are far more important than making sure the people representing your investments in the nursing homes (the employees) are well trained and performing their jobs in a professional manner.

Sighting the high cost applied to each bed, the claim is made that this cost would be reduced by reducing or outright erradicating any access to the people who supply the capital investment in the homes.

Maybe a better busines plan would be to make sure that abuse, forced drugging, starvation and neglect didn’t happen in the first place.

Also:  we will be discussing kangaroo courts…what that really means and why you should be hopping mad over it!

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