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Original posting; June of 2011/ Updated: March of 2014


 “I originally published this article in June of 2011.  Now that global warming, then climate change and now “climate disruption” is being blamed on dairy cows, it might be a nice time to revisit the insane world of the EPA.  This is the same EPA that ignores the massive methane releases that result from fracking and oil drilling.  EPA itself admits that only 9% of greenhouse gases come from the cows, but fails to mention what percentage comes from fracking and drilling. I can’t believe they are trying yet again to resurrect this issue in what can only be viewed as an attempt to cover up the damage from the oil cartels”


Apparently there are still a fair number of people that either haven’t read or refuse to read the Climate-gate memo’s.  Just in case…Attention!  GLOBAL WARMING is a screaming hoax!  They don’t even call it global warming these days, it is…..CLIMATE CHANGE.  That’s a much broader, vaguer catch-all phrase that can be massaged, manipulated and used for far more than the restrictive “global warming.”  After all, when you are attempting to convince the public that a threat exists where there actually is none, you need all the wiggle room you can get.

Refusing to let this fictional threat die,(after all Cap& Trade is generating massive amounts of pay to pollute revenues) we are bombarded daily with reports of climate change which is supposed to signal the end of times!  With most rational people dismissing these claims as unworthy of their attention and time, newer, bigger more threatening causes are identified each and every day.  Most recently….COW FARTS!  Oh! The horror of it!  (Run away! Run away!)

The current hysteria is tied to the amount of methane gas expelled through farting and belching, by cows.  No one made mention of the amount of gaseous emissions coming from the District of Criminals or any of the federal corporate agency talking heads that waste taxpayer money sitting around dreaming up this stuff.  And of course, these same hot air blowers will never mention that the largest concentration of methane from cow farts is on those fetid CAFO farms where hundreds of animals are warehoused in a space that should only accommodate a few head.  And even if they did mention this, they would never go so far as to examine the increase in methane emissions as a result of CAFO animals being fed gmo contaminated feeds; a known cause of an increase and mutation of e.coli in the cow’s gut which also increases the level of gases in the cows gut needing to be expelled. 

Twisting the truth again and refusing to acknowledge studies done on CAFO v. free range fed, studies which clearly show that free-range grazing produces less methane and also reduces the amount of nitrous oxide which is released from the soil during spring thaws. Dr. Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany challenged the government contention that cow farts are a leading cause of clogging up the ozone if allowed to graze naturally.  This of course put the spotlight on the big AG CAFO farms where the concentration of animals in unsanitary conditions creates such horrendous conditions that farting by cows is more likely a sign of protest.

Unfortunately for Dr. Bahl, his career will most likely be destroyed as a result of his report.

But aside from all of these asinine claims that cow farts are fouling up the air and causing global warming is the fact that global cooling seems to be more a problem.  To add insult to injury here, some fool in a green field far, far away attached a big pink plastic bag to the backside of a cow and “collected” all the farts for a period of time.  Somehow, somewhere in the mind of the fart collector, cow farts and global warming/climate change or whatever they are calling it now, came together.  (Did anyone ask him if he inhaled the contents?)

But here’s the real deal

Supposedly, the biggest generators of global cow farts is, the US and we are polluting the air of unsuspecting nations what with all our dairy and beef cows (and bulls).

The USDA is actively trying to move food production out of the US and into South American countries where market manipulation and control, along with the reduced standards of production for corporations removes many obstacles to producing the crappiest food as fast as possible to dump into US markets.  Beef producers who also run huge processing plants notorious for their lack of sanitary conditions in Brazil, are favored corporate partners of USDA, and USDA is doing everything it can to accommodate its corporate contractors.  Apparently the concentration of methane from cows in South America is not nearly so hazardous as the methane produced by cows in the states.

This isn’t really about some bogus global warming scare, its just business as usual.

The issue of cow farts seems more to be the last effort to come up with some reason which could make the global warming/climate change seem plausible and by extension, force the movement of beef production out of the states.

I think it is unfortunate that the fart collector didn’t cover the District of Criminals with a big plastic bag and capture the noxious fumes expelled there on a daily basis which are far more devastating than a few cow farts in an open pasture.