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When we cannot believe anything that comes from our elected officials; when lies are accepted and expected from the same and are considered par for the course, it may be time to reassess who we are and what we are willing to endure in the way of political candidates.”


Most of us have dispensed with the fictional divisions of party lines, having concluded that the lies and egregious conduct occurs with regularity in both factions of the one party system that exists in the District of Criminals.  While some seem to think referring to Washington D.C. in this manner is disrespectful, I disagree.

Our Constitution, or what is left of it, and many of our common laws are violated, struck down, and1506053_573371442759085_1751992908_n otherwise unlawfully tampered with by the very same people who swore to uphold them. (Is this not an criminal act?)  Anyway, that was the deal, right? Yet, everyday we see those same officials disregard the Constitution, break the common laws, profit from selling their office and votes to some corporation, or in any number of ways violate the very tenets of their office.  What happened to those promises made before election?  And why are we so willing to accept the deception and the ongoing betrayal’s of the public?

When we allow ourselves to be defined and labeled as right or left, conservative or liberal, have we not boxed ourselves in?  Have we not limited our own opinions, beliefs, and our right to reach our own conclusions?  And how many of us in an attempt to cement and secure our position as either right or left, sit quietly when we are exposed to ideas, plans and other constructs that do not resonate with us depending on our political leanings?

Rethinking us

How long will we allow ourselves, as the collective public, to be manipulated into red herring arguments over such mindless issues as gay marriage?  This while the NSA unlawfully spies on each and every one of us, violating our rights to privacy and to be left alone by government?  Can you really justify wasting this much time, energy and in many cases, money, on fighting the marriage of two people whom you most likely do not know and never will?  What possible affect will this have on your life?  Most likely none, but many of us are not able to see the diversion that has been created by steering you towards this pointless argument.  As long as you chase this red herring you won’t pay attention to the shark that is about to consume you.

Much of the law breaking in the District is said to be in defense of our national security. This misused, over-used and worn out excuse is readily identified as the smoke screen for further violations of our rights; as a furtherance of the de-construction of our constitution.

While several main stream writers and talking heads continue to rev up the religious debate, accusing some of being “godless”, and others of  “not supporting Israel”, (gasp!!)  what was happening in the District of Criminals that will actually affect you that they carefully avoided talking about? Have you ever wondered, with all that is happening to us as a sovereign nation, if maybe these arguments are spurious; just a diversion to keep you occupied and away from the men and the activity behind the curtain?

Note: I used these two specific examples of manipulation because they are the two most frequently used to “fire up the base”.  How easily we are manipulated.

What Now?

We cannot allow those in the District of Criminals, or those who promote them, to dictate what we think and believe, or what we say.  The arguments for them are too easy to break down into the nonsense that it truly is.  Do your own thinking, make your own choices.  And, if in the end you think that these imagined problems are worth wasting your time on, please feel free to do so!  But don’t waste mine.

Personally, I do not believe one word that comes from the mouths of most of those who reside in the District.  I reject the notion that I have to be defined as either right or left, Democrat or Republican.  Both factions have, with impunity, injured all of us who put our faith in them; those of us who really believed that electing one party or the other was going to change things.

We do ourselves a disservice when we confine ourselves to one faction or the other of the political party in the District of Criminals.  I thoroughly reject the idea that I must belong to one party or the other.  And, it is one gigantic party……only you and I were not invited!

I am a political atheist.