Join us Sunday evening, March 2, 2014 at 7:00 pm CST!1962585_10153855108770481_141350331_nEnd of life imprisonment! The crime?  Aging with assets!

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Doug Franks joins us this evening to discuss the owning of other human beings, caught in the guardianship system.

Florida, a state that epitomizes modern day human trafficking, is seeing
some movement in political cirlces as committee members and politicians
try to figure out how to pretend they didn’t know and then proceed to
pretend to do something about it.

While there may be those who earnestly want to see the system changed, there is too much money, power and greed that will see to it that nothing changes.

Guardianship abuse is virulent in Florida.  The ownership of other human beings so that their estates can be accessed and stolen is epidemic.  This isn’t family members, it isn’t those who should have inherited the estate who commit these crimes against the elderly.  It is professional predators in the system who make their living preying on the vulnerable, and this is done with the full cooperation of probate courts.

Everybody has their fingers in the estate pie.


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