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“In fact, those who create these lethal injections have no way of knowing or predicting how these foreign genes are going to affect anyone, much less the overall population.  What is worse is that they apparently are conducting experiments on the public at large to see just what does happen when you shoot a human being full of chicken or dog DNA.”


Between the bio-pirates who are destroying the natural world with their unnatural frankenfood popuproducts and crops, and vaccine makers and pushers of other pharmaceutical assaults on the populations of the world,  we are adrift in a sea of mad scientists. Life on earth is being irrevocably altered.

The growing damage to the environment, food quality, and quality of life on this planet is readily apparent.  As a result, at what point do we lose our humanity?  And, at what point will genetic testing and DNA results be used to determine that many of us no longer qualify to be listed as “human”?  If this should happen, what will be done with, or to, those deemed to not have a high enough percentage of human DNA to qualify us as anything more than a lesser animal?  Further, who would make this determination?

At this point in time, this may seem to be far-fetched.  But try as I might, I cannot come up with one rational, logical reason for injecting via vaccines, the DNA of other human beings (human diploid cells), dogs, pigs, chickens and what ever else ran through the lab that day into the bodies of newborns, right up to those in old age.  These strands of DNA from animals and other humans are transfective.  This means they seek out the existing DNA and attach themselves to it, literally infecting it with foreign information, altering the original DNA forever.  The child is no longer the person they were intended to be, they can’t be because the infection caused by foreign non-related species has permanently damaged and changed the original DNA.  This can change not only the mental attributes, but may also begin altering the physical attributes in successive generations as the new genetic expressions override the original DNA.

In fact, those who create these lethal injections have no way of knowing or predicting how these foreign genes are going to affect anyone, much less the overall population.  What is worse is that they apparently are conducting experiments on the public at large to see just what does happen when you shoot a human being full of chicken or dog DNA.

The effects of vaccines on the elderly appears to manifest itself in an epidemic of brain decay in various forms as the number of elderly claimed to be suffering from these diseases is steadily increasing as targeted vaccines for the elderly rise simultaneously.

As the number of childhood vaccines increases, so do the number of cases of autism and other brain function disorders.

Transgenic: One jab at a time ?

Knowing as most of us do these days, that few governments around the world put any value in their populations, what would make any one of us think that our government, notorious for its disdain for the general public, would have our best interest at heart?

(Q). Why would our benevolent (sarc) government stand idly by, while the very building blocks of life, our genetic structure is damaged and manipulated by pharmaceutical manufacturers and other collectives of sociopath’s as these fools tamper with the structure of our very existence? 

What is a transgenic animal? 

“There are various definitions for the term transgenic animal. The Federation of European Laboratory Animal Associations defines the term as an animal in which there has been a deliberate modification of its genome, the genetic makeup of an organism responsible for inherited characteristics.5

A transgenic animal is one whose genome has been changed to carry genes from other species.

    The nucleus of all cells in every living organism contains genes made up of DNA. These genes store information that regulates how our bodies form and function. Genes can be altered artificially, so that some characteristics of an animal are changed. For example, an embryo can have an extra, functioning gene from another source artificially introduced into it, or a gene introduced which can knock out the functioning of another particular gene in the embryo. Animals that have their DNA manipulated in this way are knows as transgenic animals.20“  Read full article HERE

(Q).  Are we now to be considered “transgenic”, now that our DNA has been infected by the DNA of non-related species?

(Q).  At this juncture, is the subject of the vaccine infection still 100% human? 

The  transfection of animal DNA & RNA caused by vaccines causes an alteration in our genetic makeup and thereby alters the human DNA & RNA expressed, so that the gene expression cannot possibly be that of 100% human.  (remember)Genes can be altered artificially, so that some characteristics of an animal are changed.” 

(Q). What characteristics are they attempting to change in human beings? 

Why are these animals being produced?

The two most common reasons are:

Transgenic animals are useful as disease models and producers of substances for human welfare.

    Some transgenic animals are produced for specific economic traits. For example, transgenic cattle were created to produce milk containing particular human proteins, which may help in the treatment of human emphysema.

    Other transgenic animals are produced as disease models (animals genetically manipulated to exhibit disease symptoms so that effective treatment can be studied). For example, Harvard scientists made a major scientific breakthrough when they received a U.S. patent (the company DuPont holds exclusive rights to its use) for a genetically engineered mouse, called OncoMouse® or the Harvard mouse, carrying a gene that promotes the development of various human cancers.22 

(Q). Are we being genetically manipulated?  Are we being genetically altered to intentionally reduce the overall population to a conditional, sub-human class?  Or, sickened intentionally with newly created diseases; diseases created in these same labs? 

Is this really attempted transgenics?

What else are they looking for?  What is in our DNA that science is attempting to identify or locate, and then to alter?

The continual transmutation of plants and animals and the rejection and manipulation of the natural world indicates that some kind of plan is in motion.  This does not bode well for mankind.   Having virtually destroyed the natural cycle and appearance of nature on all levels, I can only conclude that the human being, now seen as a “problem” on the earth, will be destroyed along with everything else.  After all, if a simple corn plant was not acceptable (gmo)……..why would we (humans) be considered acceptable (transgenics) in a natural way..

Think before you take that shot.

Life after vaccines

Is it life as we know it?  Once our DNA and RNA have been altered by the attachment of foreign DNA & RNA from other humans who were aborted, or, from other totally non-related species;  are we in fact, human in the common definition of the term, “human being”.

(Q).  Is a strawberry still a strawberry once it is spliced with the Arctic blue fish……or is it something else entirely?  How will, or does, the body react to this artificial creation?  

With infertility rates steadily increasing around the globe, and showing a 790% increase as reported by the site: SaneVax, should we be looking more closely at what is causing this increase?  Should we be asking if this is the actual intention of the vaccine?

Gene splicing causes sterility in plants and animals.

We see this in the hybrids in both plants and animals that no longer possess the ability to reproduce once the transgenic process has taken place.  We have crops that do not produce seeds, cattle that cannot reproduce, among other things, and I believe we are now seeing this sterility reflected in the human body.

Befor you voluntarily submit your self to vaccines, research the vaccine for yourself.  If you can look at the list of toxic chemicals, foreign DNA, known carcinogens, and miscellaneous substances, including mercury,  and conclude that it is safe, please do so.

Maybe we’ll see you behind the fence in the barn yard?


See Ingredient List Below**)

Dominant Male Sterility in Mice Caused by Insertion of Transgene

**Flu shots contain 25 micrograms of mercury. One microgram is considered toxic. By age two, most US children have received around 237 micrograms of mercury through vaccines alone. Excerpted:

“Vaccines contain the following toxic and others substances:

– thimerosal (mercury);

– aluminum hydroxide and phosphate;

–ammonium sulfate;

– amphotericin B,

– animal tissues and fluids, including horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, pig blood, and porcine (pig) protein/tissue;

– calf serum and fetal bovine serum;

– betapropiolactone;

– macerated cancer cells;

– formaldehyde;

– formalin;

– synthetic phenol;

– gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin;

– glycerol;

– human diploid cells (from aborted human fetal tissue);

– MSG;

– the anti-biotics neomycin and neomycin sulfate;

– phenol red indicator disinfectant dye;

– phenoxyethanol (antifreeze);

– potassium monophosphate;

– polymyxin B;

– polysorbate 20 and 80;

– residual MRC5 proteins;

– sorbitol;

– sucrose;

– tri(n)butylphosphate;

VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells linked to the SV-40 virus known to cause leukemia; and

– washed sheep red blood cells.

One or a combinations of theses substances can play havoc with the human immune and neurological systems and cause deadly autoimmune and other diseases.”