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George Dahmer a.k.a., “Chief White Owl” WWF


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George Dahmer passed away at 3:16 pm on May 23,2008.

George’s daughter, Debbie Dahmer, will join us to tell the story of her fathers demise at the hands of so-called professional caregivers.

George Dahmer was better known to his fans as “Chief White Owl” one of the original wrestlers for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).  George began his career in the 50‘s and continued long into the 70‘s with the Federation, as one of their most popular and loved celebrity wrestlers.   He finished his career in the early  80‘s.

In later years George developed senile dementia and was eventually admitted to Columbia Hospital for evaluation.  George was 72 years old.

The hospital had George installed at Lake Worth Manor for what was to be a short-term, 120 day stay while his medication was adjusted and further evaluation could be done.  At the time of admittance to Lake Worth Manor, George was fully able to walk, talk, feed himself and take care of other personal needs.

After several weeks in the home, George’s upper denture was missing, along with his shoes, clothes and other belongings.  The staff responded by putting someone else’s shoes on George, two sizes too small, causing blistering on his feet.

George was chemically restrained with off-label drugs which are prohibited for use on the elderly, especially those who are already known to be suffering from dementia.

George’s stay in Lake Worth Manor was 63 days. George was severely neglected at Lake Worth Manor. Florida Department of Children and Families -Elder Abuse was notified and so was The Ombudsman. Lake Worth was charged with negligence and fined, $5,000.00.

George lost all residents rights as a result of the complaint and as a form of retaliation for the complaint.

On April 30, 2008 George was transferred by ambulance to Heartland of Boynton Beach, Florida. The Staff cleaned him up and then reported the horrific news….. dehydration, malnutrition, lost 32 pounds in 8 weeks, decubitus ulcers on both heels of his feet and tailbone; stage 4. Both rotary caps turned in both shoulders.

George could not walk anymore, feed himself, and could not talk. After being in Heartland for 16 days they transferred George to JFK Hospital for a feeding tube. JFK wanted to amputate both feet. George had been deteriorating from the lack of care from Lake Worth Manor which lead to his death. The decubitus ulcers then lead to pneumonia.

George passed away from abuse and  neglect endured during his stay at Lake Worth Manor.


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