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The unwarranted claims and assumptions that transhumanism will result in improved human existence and physical immortality through technology that transfers the “mind” from the biological body to a computer operated electro-mechanical body are based upon mistakes and misunderstandings.

The most profound mistake is that consciousness (mind) is contained in the central nervous system or “brain.” This is, in part, due to confusion between awareness and consciousness. Awareness is a product of self-referencing computer programs or self-referencing biological programs constructed by the central nervous system in the form of neural structures. Awareness functions within the properties of existence length, width, height, and duration. (I use “property of existence” here instead of “dimension,” because the term “dimension” has been so misused that most people think it represents a complete universe and not a single property.)

Consciousness is a result of existence that functions within N properties of existence where 9≥N≤26 (N is greater than or equal to 9, less than or equal to 26). The properties of existence length, width, height, and duration operate in a domain lower than the energy of light. Awareness is a subset of consciousness. The remaining 5 to 22 properties of existence operate at energy levels greater than light. We are only aware of their collective existence through quantum physics and have no individual names for them. The relationship of all the properties of existence may be graphically conceptualized. (See figure at the end of this article.)

The “point stress field” in the conceptual diagram is where quantum phenomena are observed, the “tunnel” reported in near death experiences as the focus of attention moves from the “dead” central nervous system to the high energy domain, and the focus of Buddhist and other Asian traditions that do explore consciousness skills that can be learned by the central nervous system.

The only thing that transhumanists could possibly achieve in the domain of length, width, height, and duration is to duplicate awareness from the central nervous system to a computer by writing self-referencing computer programs that perform similar functions. Nothing else will come with it, including memories which are stored as something like a wave function involving more than the low energy domain properties of existence. Memories are recovered by collapsing the wave function into awareness.

The technologies of transhumanists that can remotely influence electrochemical processes in the central nervous system are fraudulently claimed to result in “mind control.” For the reasons set forth above, “brain control” is not “mind control.” If true “mind control” is even possible from the domain of length, width, height, and duration, we are at least centuries if not millennia from any technology to achieve it.

Transhumanism and its fantasy goals are what you get from substituting political ideology for finding the truth and building goals upon how total existence actually works. Those who have accepted the phantom offer of eternal physical immortality from transhumanist political leaders in exchange for helping murder the rest of us are going to be disappointed with the results. When their bodies die and transhumanist technicians try to create an imitation of them in a computer, they will find that their total consciousness still changes focus of attention to the high energy domain where they will again meet the true power that actually runs everything. They will have a whole lot of explaining to do in a place where lies are transparent. The ultimate irony will be for them to discover they were attempting to create in the domain of length, width, height, and duration a poor imitation of the eternal life they already have in the complete set of high and low energy properties of existence.




© Copyright December 2013 by James Roger Brown. All rights reserved.