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Lindsey Williams has had an insider connection for several decades . . . . REMOVE YOUR SMART METER FROM YOUR HOME. .

You have been prepared for about the last two to three years to NOT REVOLT or RIOT as financial markets incrementally collapse and conditions deteriorate . . Treason of the highest form is occurring and the dollar is going to be scuttled . . There will be a GLOBAL currency reset and the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency . . .

The smart meters that have been “deployed” on our houses – the electric smart meters have not been what we have been told . . Most people did not think anything about the meters and are not being told the facts by the utilities or the government.  All we were basically told is that the meter reader would not need to come and read the meters anymore and we would save money.

The federal government subsidized the utilities to the tune of billions of dollars to put in all the equipment necessary so that the smart electric meters could read your electric usage. This began two to three years ago and deployment is just about complete in the United States.

The electric meters were not installed for the purpose to read you electric usage. The meters were put on our homes for the purpose of dumbing us down.

The electric smart meters communicate with each other and every night between 3 and 4 AM in the morning they cause sleep disturbances, and create sounds in your ears also between 3 and 4 AM – do you hear pulsing?

Yes – WHY?

The meters communicate to each other between 3 and 4 AM and to the cell towers that are not being used much at that time, and they are using a 905 MHz frequency. This is very important to understand because this has been setup intentionally.  The 905 MHz is necessary to resonate within the brain and they are dumbing us down so much that we can’t think straight and we don’t reason as we once were able to.

The smart meters are accomplishing the purpose for the NWO – so we will not rebel as American’s wealth is stripped.  The elites have achieved their goal and have gotten you to the place so whenever they announce the new global currency reset we will not riot.

The elites do not want riots . .

We have been prepared over the past several years for what they are doing to us.  Please write this down – and go and research this – Barrie Trower one of the most prominent microwave scientist became so disturbed after he retired that he is doing everything he can and will travel, at his own expense, anywhere in the world in order to lecture to audiences what micro wave radiation, new smart meters, and cell towers are doing to your brains.

Lindsey is telling us there is one man to pay attention to – Hugo Selinas Price – he is a Mexican billionaire and he must have a conscience because he spilled the beans recently and you can read what he said:

“I think we are going to see a series of bankruptcies – this is self evident. The raise of interest rates will cause a rise in derivatives this will bring down the derivative system and he said the derivative system in over 1 quadrillion. The spiking of interest rates in the US will set this off and what will happen globally are massive bankruptcies around the world. What will be left after the dust settles is GOLD. . Some people are going to have gold and some people are not and then the problem will be to hold on to what you have because it is not going to be very pleasant . .

You have been warned! You can sit back and watch this happen or you can do the following – Start preparations before January 1, 2014 which include – you must get out of paper- don’t depend upon your retirement funds you may get them for 6 months to a year and then they will be STOPPED . . This has been confirmed . . and will take place.

Lindsey informs all of this is being done in order to prepare you for what the NWO is about to do to you – and what is being done to your brains to dumb you down while the elites are doing the global currency reset; the elites do not want you rioting as they bring in the NWO, centralized global government.


When Lindsey Williams and his wife had the smart meter taken off their home they felt an amazing difference.  He had to prove it in order to believe what his elite friend told him.  Then when he heard about the global currency reset he realized everything his friend was telling him was true; his friend has never lied to him once in 38 years.  Everything he has ever said has happened exactly as he has said it.  Lindsey said if he is being misled now, it will be the first time they ever have, and Lindsey is begging everyone to research this for themselves.

Right now the elites have said the global currency reset will make billions for them because they have planned this.

Fiscal Monitor: Taxing Times; October 2013 – IMF

The Oct 9, 2013 IMF (International Monetary Fund) minutes released a report suggesting what Congress and the US President should do – once the global reset takes place – it’s called Taxing Times . . . You can find this for yourself and no one has read this because few know this report is out . . “Taxing Times” the global redistribution as they are calling it – they are recommending to Congress and the President

  • increasing taxes,
  • instituting new capital controls,
  • seizing American’s investments out of pension funds, IRA’s, 401K’s and,
  • bringing down the National debit – they want to confiscate the pension funds to bring down the National debt to pre-crisis 2007 levels –

and this is what the IMF suggests to the United States Congress and to the President and you are not being told.  The President and Congress does not have the backbone to tell us about this.  The currency crisis will lead to loss of purchasing power.  We are seeing a universal currency crisis because currency is NOT real money (Fiat money) . . .

What you have read above is a breakdown from the following YouTube . . Watch the expanded Important YouTube just below this one . .

The smart meter information is 42 minutes in this YouTube . .

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The YouTube below is the “Currency Global Reset” with more details –

Lindsey Williams: URGENT New YouTube Report (1 hr. 57 min) . .

His report aligns with other current reports . . .

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