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Minnesota could be the 17th state to support a US Constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood and the constitutional rights, belonging to human beings, that have been given to corporations.  When the Supreme Court knowingly handed down a ruling in Citizens v United that said corporations were persons and that the cash they flooded elections with was free speech, we should have, as citizens of our respective states, demanded the removal and disbanding of this court.  Any legitimacy they may have had has long since dissipated as one unconstitutional ruling after another has been handed down that adversely affects the daily lives of the general public.

The rationale for this ruling was that supposedly, because corporations are made up of people, that meant the corporation was a “person”.  Actually, not.  The corporation exists on paper as a  business, doing business as a collective entity.  It has no life apart from this collective.

With respect to Citizens v United, the question should have been:

Is it possible to breathe life into a paper entity?  Thereby creating a living, breathing person with Constitutional rights and protections. 

The distrust of the Supreme Court is well-earned.  Whether conservatives or liberals control the court makes no difference.  This court serves political and corporate interests, not those of the Constitution and the common populations of the states.   More