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November 9, 2013


Audience marvels as currencies burn

And old and organized international cabal of white-collar banking thieves prowl the planet with a grab bag of heinous tools—war, deception, bribery, financial manipulations, recessions, depressions, shortages, misery for humanity— perfected over the centuries; enabling them to steal money and commandeer nations’ (and citizens’)  treasure by offering deliberate debt the bankers know can’t be repaid when they make the offer.

hijackedUsing the British army at the time, these bankers, who are headquartered in a square-mile area known as The City located in the middle of London, and who are an independent “country” with their own constitution, law, and police force separate from Britain,  attempted to gain control of America with two wars—the Revolution and the War of 1812. Their agents were back supplying Indian tribes throughout the country and on America’s borders with weapons, ammunition, supplies, staples and encouragement to kill colonists and wage war on America before the Revolution’s powder smoke settled

Both times they failed.

Undeterred, and with their eyes on a resource-rich American prize, the Rothschileans’ regrouped in The City and set loose a deceptive scheme to attack the nation with their money. They succeeded with two key pieces of legislation that they wrote for a well-compensated congress to pass more than a hundred years ago; neither of which have been repealed, and both of which have been “protected” over the decades with additional millions of banker bribe dollars; their end game being unlimited use of America’s resources, currency, and military (the latter used to staff a two-decade and counting so-called Middle East “war on “terrorism”), the 2008 meltdown, the recent Arab Spring “uprisings” that were about these banksters’ takeover of those countries’ independent central banks and the gold in them, as well as control of valuable resources—water, prime farmland, valuable/rare minerals, oil, etc—and to force these financially independent nations into their  economic quicksand with the rest of the world.

The two legislative Acts enabling “legitimacy” in America for these financial thieves are:

(1)The Act of 1871  and,

(2)The Federal Reserve Act of 1913  that Woodrow Wilson agreed to sign in exchange for the presidency (which the bankers guaranteed) that would give the bankers direct control and “legal standing” authorizing them (and only them) to print and coin America’s money; a duty and responsibility reserved specifically for Congress by the Constitution.

The Federal Reserve Act was “passed” by voice vote in mostly empty congressional chambers; the rest of congress having left Washington at the time for home and the Christmas holidays. Its passage cemented financial control (“ownership”) for the bankers of the 10-square mile area comprising Washington D.C. that they’d commandeered with the Act of 1871.

These thieves think, plan, scheme, and scam long-term; often using deception to accomplish their thefts from within.

Many congressmen were enraged when they returned from the holidays and found what these financial demons had done.

Since then, these banksters have printed trillions of American dollar denominations for the cost of paper, ink, and press time,  (link is a clear, concise, one minute summary of the scam) and “sold”—with key strokes today—this un-repayable debt with interest to our government for its face value; a deliberate paper takedown gambit duplicated worldwide in countries where they’ve positioned other central banks  to control those nation’s currencies as well; using a business model similar to the “Fed’s business model”. Think Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain—the European Union really—Iceland (attempt failed so far), Argentina. The list goes on; 150 nations along with their  politicians with perpetual hands out, have either been invaded, lied to, deceived, manipulated, or deliberately co-opted into a jolly good time spending money on their central bank cake walks until The City jerked their financial nooses tight in 2008 and began calling “notes” and taking over prime industries and valuable resources (put up for collateral)in those nations when the countries couldn’t repay their pipers.

Thus indebted taxpayers in these countries are now financially enslaved by this criminal banking cartel, regardless of the bankers new world paper currency pushed across the exchange table at humanity.

The reason America’s founders wrote it into the constitution that congress was the only entity authorized to print (coin) America’s money was because it eliminated having to pay anyone for the production—or interest for the privilege of using—our own money.

Presidents prior to Woodrow Wilson threw these financial predators out of America. Four America presidents have been assassinated  for taking control (or attempting to take control of) America’s money like the Constitution specifies.  An attempted assassination on a fifth president, Andrew Jackson, failed when the British-born assassin’s two pistols both mis-fired at point blank range.  The last president assassinated was  John F. Kennedy who publicly declared he was assuming the printing of American money, and so ordered the treasury to print more than $400 billion U.S. backed treasury notes (not the banker-owned federal reserve notes) and begin phasing out the Federal Reserve and their federal reserve note “currency” in America.

After he had been sworn in as president, Lyndon Johnson issued an executive order rescinding Kennedy’s EO on the plane back to Washington immediately following Kennedy’s assassination, and the next day all the money that Kennedy had our treasury print was recalled by the London banksters’ useful idiots in Washington and was eventually burned.

The world has yet to deal with these financial demons with no heart, soul, or conscience, but it’s beginning to focus; and the banksters’ lifeboats are quickly filling with bilge rats trying to escape a sinking paper money ship.