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We are supposed to have a Republic.  Of course we are supposed to be free, also.

The same people and organizations who have historically controlled government policy are the very same people who profit from its expansion.  Government policy is not dictated by need, but rather, by greed.  It is the greed of the few who make miserable the lives of the many.

There is little, if anything at all, that has issued from the District of Criminals that has not adversely affected the general population while conversely benefiting a select few.  All of it cloaked behind the phrase “national security” and the chronic threats of attacks from unidentified and most times literally, unidentifiable sources. If these can’t be found to any extent, they are created by agencies 1005866_420996051347801_254613252_nsuch as the FBI and CIA and paraded in front of the public as if they were real threats.

False Flags:

False flag operations are covert operations
conducted by   governments, corporations, or other organizations, which
are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations
appear   as if they are being carried out by other entities. The name is
derived from the   military concept of flying false colors; that is,
flying the flag of a country   other than one’s own. False flag
operations are not limited to war and   counter-insurgency operations,
and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy’s strategy of tension.

This would appear to be the proverbial case of dangling something bright and shiny in front of the eyes (in this case “foreign terrorists”) to divert you from the real threat festering in clear view, of anyone daring to actually look at who the real terrorists are.  We know them; we elected them.

The national security shell game

I have spoken often to the fact that the crux of the overly used phrase “national security” has nothing to do with the collective public.  It is a system of propaganda, false flag attacks, wars of aggression waged to steal another country’s assets and exists to serve the interest and protection of those who created it.  National Security is not predicated upon keeping the country safe from terrorists or harm, but to keep those who promote this ideology safe from us, the public.

There is not one law that has been passed, attacking our constitutional rights, that does not serve the interests of those who profit from this militarized system of aggression and, which constitutes nothing more than a war-for-profit system.

Nearly every person involved in perpetuating the militarized, national security state is invested in the same firms which produce military weapons many of which are now stock-piled and ready for use right here at home.  This thanks to an covert group of elites that operate in the periphery of government but who also exercise control for corrupt and selfish purposes.  Thanks to these individuals, war and its accompanying military contractors of all kinds, have become the most profitable industry’s for investment and profit.  Groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission among many others, dictate policy, wars, economic policies, legislation, and global misery.

America coming apart at the seams

With the aid and assistance of successive congresses and presidents, the federal corporation that calls itself “government”, has systematically made life for the common man in this country, virtually untenable. Just because your TV and cell phone still works does not mean things are ok!

Total corruption permeates every level of political or public life in this country.  The reaction of many in the general public has become one of discussing alternative options, such as seceding from the Union, or splitting away from the original state and creating new states out of multiple clusters of counties.  Neither thought is tenable in my estimation.  Either way, the state or “new” state would still be surrounded by the corporate, militarized political, elitism driven system of theft, oppression, total control and surveillance.

We have no voice in our government.  We have no voice in policies, legislation or even in how our local cities and towns operate.  Countless petitions, phone calls, faxes, emails, snail mails and other communications land in front of disinterested senators and representatives on numerous issues.  These each express the sentiments of public opinion and each are discarded as if they were soiled toilet paper.  Our opinions on how we would want our Senator or Representative to vote on any given issue are dispensed with as these elected officials look to those in elite circles to dictate to them how they will vote.

We are consistently subjected to the dictates of so-called “world” organizations that are controlled by a collection of background actors who dictate the actions of not only the federal corporation here at home, but other corporate governments around the world.  The result has been an increase in global poverty, hunger, and the never-ending but always lucrative, wars for-profit.

The attempts by the federal corporation to to seize ownership and control of land, food and most especially, water, is on-going.  The loss of private property rights is growing with each and every day.

National Security: An End to freedom

The chronic expansion of “national security” has actually been an expansion of surveillance of the general public with the accompanying secrecy that always defines a police state.  Anyone voicing objection to the system, anyone not voluntarily complying immediately labeled as unpatriotic even as a “possible domestic terrorist”. You don’t love America.  You want America’s enemies to “win”.  The drivel coming from the federal machine is unending.  The intent is quite clear.

In today’s climate, who is it that does not see the central government as the greatest threat to freedom and our continued existence as a sovereign nation?  Who is it that actually personifies the greatest threat to our country?  The greatest threat to the well-being and safety of our nation?

Is it some lunatic with explosives in his undershorts?

Or is it the people we thought we elected to office who have facilitated the creation and expansion of the police state that is overtaking the country. The same people who invest in and profit from the corporations that exist to accommodate the growing police state?

Your enemy is not the man or woman who has a different political philosophy than you, and, it is not the man or woman who questions the motives and legality of a central government acting outside its Constitutional authority.

Your enemy is the man or woman who works and votes consistently to violate your rights, to limit your life, to control your resources, to cause harm to your family and who sees you as a commodity to be traded, sold or discarded in order to profit themselves.  All the while they claim it is the only way they can keep you safe from some threat that is most likely conjured up over coffee.

It was not some unidentifiable terrorist from somewhere “over there” who trashed our Constitution, who destroyed our Republic, who violates more laws and the Constitution on a virtual daily basis.  It was not some radical terrorist cell that caused a catastrophic attack on this country and its freedom.

It was and is the people we elected to office.

The attacks came from, and continues to come from, the enemies inside the gates: The District of Criminals.  Wave good bye to our free Republic.


False Flags                                                                                    

The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism