Straight from the Horse's Heart

An unabashed OpEd (rant?) by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“We ain’t as stupid as they think we are!!!”

I let it go a month ago; you could Google “Wild Horse” and multiple hits would come up from dozens of publications talking about the Wild Horse Apocalypse where grass crazed unwanted wild horses were multiplying faster than cockroaches and are trampling public lands into oblivion.  Give me a break.

The onslaught was so outlandish and over the top I simply let it go and refused to give it any credence as it was obviously motivated by grazing interests who have bought into their own crazed propaganda. “Wild horse herds double in size every four years.”  Do the math, dumb ass, every mare, foal, colt and stallion would have to drop a baby to bring that around.

Now, October 2013, the attack has returned with…

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