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“As a country we have been attacked and overtaken.  It was not a foreign terrorist who took us down; it was the enemies inside the gates that proliferated in the District of Criminals.”


You can’t defend freedom by eliminating freedom, or by terrorizing your own country.

This is not the America I grew up in.  Maybe it never was what I had believed it to be.  Regardless, what is before us now as a nation, is the growing police state complete with total surveillance and the targeting of any individual as a possible “domestic terrorist” for expressing their own thoughts, for rejecting government policies that are meant to limit or eradicate any freedom we may have had.

The 9/11 Decade and the Decline of U.S. Democracy

The Bush Administration created the “war on terror” paradigm not to protect us from future attack, although that was what they claimed, but rather to put in place a radical expansion of power that sought to place the president outside domestic and international law.

A perusal of the laws passed by congress and presidents many of which are a direct attack on10-1-2013-10-25-59-am freedom and liberty, do not affect terrorists in the least.  These laws, all passed with the caveat that it was necessary if they were to keep us safe, affect no one but US citizens.  They have no bearing on terrorism and are only the excuse being used to keep you quiet as they continue limiting your freedom and expanding the federal corporation.

One of the greatest freedoms we had, was the freedom to be left alone by government.  The NSA spy grid and the massive data collection center in Utah are the official end to any pretense of privacy.  We have a government populated by people who have in essence, declared war on the country as a whole.  Just because they have not yet opened fire on us, does not mean they do not consider us their sworn enemies or, that they would not move immediately to wipe us off the face of the earth should we become too insistent on our freedom.  Nevertheless, we do insist on preserving our freedom wherever and whenever possible.

The fiction of national security being applied to you

We are inundated with the chronic and oftentimes hysterical reports about foreign terrorists who are just waiting for the chance to do us harm.  This may be true, but passing laws that attack our freedom, contrary to the constitution, will not deter any terrorist.  By nature terrorists do not abide by, nor are they concerned with laws anywhere……if they were, they couldn’t be terrorists.  In any event, national security cannot be preserved by eradicating the very principles our government has told us foreign terrorists hate us for.

Too often we find that various agencies that we as American’s are forced to support via taxation are the very same agencies who are actively interacting with terrorist organizations we are told have targeted us.  Weapons and other military armaments are routinely sold to countries that our military is often faced with in war.

No one hates our freedom more than the federal government. 

The phrase “national security” has nothing to do with keeping you or me safe from possible terrorists.  The rubric of national security sounds as if it applies to the country as a whole, when in fact, it is the system being assembled to defend the government and its criminal agencies and agents …….from you!  It is you, and me, that this government fears most.

When the focus of national security does shift to the interior of the country, it is centered around infrastructure, corporate constructions, and the preservation of anything other than the population.  As we have now been totally converted to the status of human resources or human capital, we are as a population, an expendable commodity easily replaced if necessary or desired.  This replacement population is far more malleable, far more amenable to federal control and as such is courted and pampered while being encouraged to gain entry into the US by any means possible.  Even if it means entering illegally.

About that Southern border

With our southern border left open, our border patrol agents prosecuted for doing their jobs, the flood of illegal immigrants into the US is massive.  Along with those who come from Latin countries, are those who come from China, Afghanistan and many other places.  Any foreign born terrorist could easily enter the US across this border which the Attorney General refuses to secure.

Under Title 8 of the US Code  & Title, the AG along with the head of Homeland Security is charged with securing and defending that border especially in the event of an influx of illegal aliens.

From Title 8 Chapter 12 Section 1103

5) He shall have the power and duty to control and guard the boundaries and borders of the United States against the illegal entry of aliens and shall, in his discretion, appoint for that purpose such number of employees of the Service as to him shall appear necessary and proper.

(10) In the event the Attorney General determines that an actual or imminent mass influx of aliens arriving off the coast of the United States,

or near a land border, presents urgent circumstances requiring an immediate Federal response, the Attorney General may authorize any State or local law enforcement officer,

with the consent of the head of the department, agency, or establishment under whose jurisdiction the individual is serving, to perform or exercise any of the powers,

privileges, or duties conferred or imposed by this chapter or regulations issued thereunder upon officers or employees of the Service.

**Item 10 raises the question……how numerous do illegal immigrants have to become before the Attorney General considers it an urgent circumstance? 

The fact that anyone can cross that border without fear of reprisal makes the national security  hysteria emanating from the government seem rather ridiculous.  Clearly, the fact that the border remains unsecured and that millions have crossed it illegally and disappeared inland, the threat of terrorism is not all its hyped up to be.

The tipping point

The US is no longer the global standard of freedom and human rights.  These concepts have been replaced with the total surveillance police state and a federal corporation that engages in torture, wars of aggression, murder via unmanned drones, indefinite incarceration’s and an active agenda dedicated to the forced submission of not only its own population, but those of other countries.

We are most definitely nearing a tipping point.  The corruption at the federal level is reaching a saturation level and no where does there appear to be any escape for the average person.  We are being replaced as a population while immigration, both legal and illegal are encouraged and expanded.  Our rights guaranteed within the Constitution are being systematically violated and erased, and those of the new, foreign populations validated and honored.

As a country we have been attacked and overtaken.  It was not a foreign terrorist who took us down; it was the enemies inside the gates that proliferated in the District of Criminals.  Freedom is no longer even an issue, because we let it slip away.