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Join us this evening, October 15th 2013, at 7:00pm CST!



5:00pm PST … 6:00pm MST … 7:00pm EST … 8:00 pm EST

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CAllin #: 917-3884520


The BAll Doctrine: 

Dennis Andrew Ball is a 2016 American Party Presidential Candidate who has formed several planks in the party platform known as the American Party Of America./AOA. He is also Chairman of the AMERICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE whose goals are to establish party offices throughout the United States educating young people in Constitutional Government, The Bill Of Rights, Declaration Of Independence, The Constitution and Our Founding Father’s Cultural Heritage with the establishment of Young American Patriot Clubs in the Colleges, Universities and Offices throughout the United States!

Do you wish to see America continue to decline at your expense and that of your children? It is not fair to anyone for our Country to morph into a 3rd World Power controlled by the State taking your property and bill of rights away from you.  Both State & Federal Constitutions are under attack to allow business, labor and government to steal your money, property and family!  This cannot be allowed to happen in a civilized society!  The founders intended to create a society where the private person was above the dictates of the State and where the State was the servant of the people. 


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