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Ron Johnson returns to continue reporting on his efforts to use the judicial system to hold government and Halliburton and BP Oil, accountable for the disaster in the Gulf.

Why did BP, Halliburton and the federal government refuse to use this technology shown to be 100% effective in controlling and recovering oil spills?

When asked to explain his oil containment system, Johnson stated,This oil containment system replaces the boom or sea curtain. It corrals the oil and keeps the oil in place at the point of the oil spill allowing for the oil to be removed with skimmers and removed safely, not allowing any oil to reach the coastal shorelines. It will contain 100% of any marine oil spill. It greatly limits the number of fish and wildlife that are usually destroyed because of its design. The best part about this system is… That there are no bio-degradable chemicals which are all carcinogens used. In short, my system works with the environment. Not against it.