label522Our friends at Yes on I-522 are working to get GMO foods labeled in Washington State. If I-522 passes, it will help national GMO-labeling move forward. If you want to get involved, you can make phone calls to support the campaign. See below for details.

Click here to get started as a Yes on 522 Volunteer. It doesn’t matter where you live, everyone can help.

Here’s the thing, Monsanto and all their big chemical and junk food buddies are going to outspend us. Our secret weapon is the one thing money can’t buy: volunteers talking directly to voters.  That’s why the GMO labeling campaign, right here in Washington State, urgently needs you to volunteer. There are phonebanks happening all over the state and getting involved has never been easier.

Help us reach our goal of 500 volunteer signups. Your help will counter the millions in corporate cash flooding into our state and it only takes a few hours making calls to voters. Click here to sign up.

The No campaign is running misleading ads and trying to confuse voters. We can counter that by talking directly to folks here in Washington and telling them about why labeling GMOs matters.

It doesn’t matter where you live, everyone can help.  There are thousands of voters we need to talk to between now and November 5th. We urgently need your help to reach out to them.


Amanda Reykdal

Field Manager

Yes on 522 This message is supported by IRT – Food Policy Fund

The Institute for Responsible Technology Food Policy Fund is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization engaging in advocacy and legislative lobbying activities. It endorses I-522, but is not affiliated with the Yes on I-522 campaign.