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new-logo25by W. R. McAfee, Sr.

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“CO2 emissions, cow belches, cow patties, methane, ranch dust have all been researched by the EPA and offered up to humanity as causes of “global warming” or “climate change”

All lies. Like the AGW files hacked. A scam. A con by the criminal element behind the curtain who first tried to tax the world’s nations for “dangerous” CO2 emissions then, having failed that, fell back onto the U.S.’s elected crooks who’re about to turn the con over to the EPA.”


UN carbon dioxide hoax credit prices have plunged 97% since 2008

Certified Emission Reduction credits from the program closed unchanged recently at 58 euro cents ($0.78) a metric ton, according to data from ICE Futures Europe. They’ve plunged 97 percent since reaching a record high of 22.54 euros a ton in July 2008, as issuance advanced and demand from factories and power stations was crimped by the European Union’s economic recessions.


And why should they?

By now, anyone who has access to a computer, can read, and is still lucid amid the constant 32714_1thpropaganda and disinformation bombardment knows the truth.  Their Copenhagen meeting to launch this world tax on humans for breathing and range-cows for breaking wind was obliterated when a hacker released their  ”. . .we’re all going to burn up and drown in the oceans!. . . files” to the world’s climate experts who had been shut out of any debate about this; and denied access to global warming research data for corroboration.

Did you know the warmers had a man at Wikipedia full-time to turn back rebuttals to the lies they were posting there? He was outed by  Canada’s National Post columnist Lawrence Solomon for reworking more than 5,000 hyperlink articles submitted by legitimate climate researchers and scientists trying to correct Wiki’s false information.

Humorous reader replies to major propaganda outlets (aka newspapers) playing the fife for these con artists didn’t seem to fly in the wake of their exposure. Censors were kept busy at these publications red-lining comments about this giganticus raticus farcicus. London Guardian, NY Times, HuffPo  come to mind.

*            *            *

Here’s one that got the hook:

. . .Hurrreeeyy. . .hurrreeeyy. . .hurrreeeyy! Step right up to the global warming midway!  See millions, billions, trillions traded for pigs, pokes, and lies. . . panting polar bears straight from the sands of the sinking arctic. . . snarling snow leopards in search of water. . .third world clowns juggling intelligent humans. . .a grim reaper galloping the streets. . . massive throngs wandering aimlessly …You there in the back! Why are you wearing that parka? Hurrreeeeyy. . .hurrreeeyy. . . folks!. . .see the Guinness record for limos and lear jets parked in one spot . . .hear tragic tales of total destruction from Nobel laureates. . . You there on the right! Can you spare us a billion?! That’s it! Step right up and empty your pockets on stage. . .brothers Al and Gordon will assist you. . .hurrrreeeyy. . .hurrrreeeey. . .hurrrreeey. . .

*            *            *

This one got the old heave-ho, too, in most pubs:

Hello and welcome all you Climateers to Copenhagen!

Glad you could make it to the convention in, what? 1,500 Lear jets, 500 limos, five electric cars?

Good to see you’re already working on the CO2 problem with your electrics, though.

You must have been shocked to find King Kong hanging from the chandelier there in your convention center when you arrived.

Anyone ever mention of him from the podium?

It’s all so troubling. This leak thing, I mean. But I’m sure the Nobel Winner or someone will explain it all to you. You know, how those climate control files were stolen right before the conference by a paid hacker who released them on the Internet as part of a massive PR/smear campaign orchestrated by climate change deniers and big oil.

Regardless of the inconvenient truths floating around the globe right about now, The Laureate will get to the bottom of who and what was behind such an illegal and dastardly deed.

I know. . .I know. You are disappointed; being so close to cracking the global warming safe for trillions and all. Just when it was within reach. Bummer having to watch your warm weather balloon plummet like a runaway meteor while climatological experts (men and women who are experts in the CRU’s fields) took the Climateers to the scientific woodshed after reading the data and emails and correspondence they had been requesting lo these many years.

Suggestion: Would not try to make an unknown hacker and those who read the CRU files into conspirators against Mother Earth. Or Ghia.  Or whomever. Won’t work. Not this time. Will only make your PR nightmare worse.

What you could discuss, though, is that the climate researchers at the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in Britain, along with their American and Club of Rome and Bilderberger confederates, cherry-picked real science for the data they needed to hack into the global public’s mind with an orchestrated warming lie for the puppeteers behind the Copenhagen curtain.

I know. . .I know . . . This all added to the expense of your meeting and all. You’ve had to put on extra Internet hacks and disinformers and flip the silent switch on your media confederates and it’s costing you overtime to try and throttle King Kong but, geez!, he’s everywhere at once, it seems.

Have you read any of that stuff on the ‘Net?

Whatever the hacker’s motivation to distribute your global warming files, their content reveals an unquestionable, deliberate, perpetration of a global warming scam upon humanity and the planet; an organized cabal perpetrating a heinous lie and hoax to enrich themselves and their handlers.

See, the files don’t lie and they couldn’t have been made up. But here’s the upside: You’re famous!

Global Warming is now a hoax that will sear itself in the minds of humanity and history right alongside War of the Worlds, the Piltdown Man, the Loch Ness Monster, the 9/11 false flag terrorist attack, Iraq WMDs, Swine Flu, genetically modified seeds, the Green Revolution, and the great Wall Street Meltdown hoaxes.

All scams following the 9/11 false flagger were initiated, supported, and set in motion by world class mega-rich elitist pests.  Wait a minute! Over there behind the Copenhagen curtain! It’s the same people!

Who would of ever thunk it?

Whazzat? You want to know where this global warming hoax came from then? Google:

“Club of Rome, Global Warming”  

and start reading. See, all of these hoaxes were designed to make the elite more money, eugenicize the world, and give them absolute control over the earth’s resources. Now there’s some tin-foil-hat conversation for the remainder of the conference!

What type of people would hack your climate change files, you ask?

Well, people like the lab employee in (was it Latvia?) who decided to test some of the 72kg of vaccine that an elite-controlled vaccine manufacturer had shipped to labs in some of the European countries to be given out as shots to thousands of individuals for protection against the swine flu hoax.

Did you know all of the lab animals tested with the vaccine died? Must have been something in their food, some say. Others ask how that could have happened, coming from a Class 3 secure lab and all?  And the strangest part of all is the lab employee wasn’t even required to test the vaccine. He/she just did it. And prevented the contaminated vaccine from starting a false flag pandemic in Europe.

I put it to you: What motivated the lab employee to test the vaccine?

Or, what motivated Dr. David Ray Griffin, a 70-something retired theologian and professor emeritus to methodically expose the 9/11 false flag hoax using the scientific method in his 12 or so foot-noted books on the impossibility  of the government’s story about 9/11?

It’s the same thing that motivated King Kong to hack and distribute your global warming cabal’s data, thoughts, and files on the Internet for the world to evaluate.

What’s that? You say money and politics must have motivated these people?

I think not.

Have a nice conference!

And try not to let Kong step on you. He’s becoming such a heavy dude, you know!


CO2 emissions, cow belches, cow patties, methane, ranch dust have all been researched by the EPA and offered up to humanity as causes of “global warming” or “climate change”

All lies. Like the AGW files hacked. A scam. A con by the criminal element behind the curtain who first tried to tax the world’s nations for “dangerous” CO2 emissions then, having failed that, fell back onto the U.S.’s elected crooks who’re about to turn the con over to the EPA.

This last, desperate, Henny-Penny “climate change” hype is coming to you courtesy of the thieves behind the curtain who failed at Copenhagen.

But the discussions along the way have been entertaining and stimulating; though at times they did stretch the credulity limits.

Then, maybe the EPA has a point. Consider how much CO2 humans exhale. Now what if the genetically modified (GM) food the Wizards of Oz are feeding the world today added to America’s gas house emissions by causing a sudden increase in “human flatulence.”

Can you imagine dangers? What if drivers started passing out from lack of oxygen in crowded cars?  Or pilots while flying planes? Or ship’s captains at the helm in the pilot’s house? GM-caused flatulence could even trigger explosions in office buildings, causing death and destruction and wreak havoc on the planet far greater than  normal global warming.  We may, in fact, not be out of the woods yet.

Well, thanks to an unknown hacker, it hasn’t come to this. And what remained in Copenhagen were the smoking ruins from a global warming truthquake that left warmer throngs dazed and wandering aimlessly amid a pile of burning lies.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer group.