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You won’t hear anyone say the word, war.

This parsing of words, this come-to-be expected word weaseling is nothing new.  Kerry, Dempsey, the President and every Senator never uttered the word “war” which would require the consent of congress to wage.   The refraining from using this word and instead referring to the war plans for Syria  as a “strike, intervention or action”, is what the President is relying on to by-pass congress and the Constitution. As long as no one dares call it a war, there appears to be no need for the President to get congress’s consent.


As the country rises up and resoundingly rejects any action of any kind in Syria, the propaganda is running knee deep in the District of Criminals.  Because of the decades long stream of what has turned out to be faulty “intelligence”, outright lies about whatever fictional threat they were using to to attack another nation in order to seize their assets (oil) and to depose one government after another only to install a government more to our liking, we are faced with another needless war.

The US Senate is meeting and discussing how and why they intend to start another senseless war, this time in Syria.  The pretentiousness of these discussions borders on the absurd and is an insult to the intelligence of America.  Continually citing “intelligence”, human, satellite and other methods of savespying, Senator’s Menendez and Corker are followed by the new Secretary of State, John Kerry, among others.  Each of them attempting to somehow tie the civil war in Syria to the national security of the United States.  This will last for hours of course, due to the fact that there is no connection. This makes the argument particularly tedious.

Among the weakest arguments heard over the last several days; “It would make us appear weak”.  Well now, if ever there was an argument for bombing and terrorizing another nation on the other side of the globe, it would have to be our big giant national ego.  Apparently, our government believes that the Syrian people are not terrorized quite enough as a result of internal turmoil and the proper response to this would be to create more turmoil, more terror and to destroy everything in sight along with “collateral” damage.  This means men, women AND children will be unilaterally harmed or killed by our actions.

Supposedly vast intelligence exists to indicate that a chemical attack actually took place.  This intelligence came from the same sources who supplied the intelligence for the Iraq war.  You remember…….the evidence that never was?

Collateral damage in Syria is said to be deemed to be “low” in this instance.  So,.. what?  So are we going to accept 5,000 men, women and children being killed by us?  10,000?  20,000?  What’s the magic number?

IF I understand this correctly, gassing people is a big problem, but blowing them up along with their entire community so that you can overthrow their government and seize their national assets, is not.

Citing chemical weapons prohibitions in place since as early as 1923, not one of these pious self-serving Senators or even the Secretary of State, alluded to our own bio-weapons labs located here in the United States.  These labs mutate known deadly viruses and bacteria, and stockpile other known threats to humanity.  The weaponized anthrax used after 9/11 was developed by Ft. Detrick.  Did we bomb them?  No? Why not?  The US has a long history of testing chemical and biological weapons on its own people.

“When someone uses weapons to kill hundreds of children, we are all responsible”

This statement from John Kerry is the epitome of hypocrisy.  As a Senator, Kerry voted repeatedly to fund the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The use of depleted uranium in Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, with the ongoing unheard of rates of massive and unending birth defects that have been the result…….how dare this man ignore what was and is an ongoing chemical attack on a civilian population perpetrated by the United States?  Where does one man get so much hubris to allow him to point the finger at another nation for doing what we have uranium_deesbeen doing for more than a decade?

Depleted uranium was used in Iraq to create armor piercing weapons.  The result has been a contamination of land, water and air causing massive birth defects and a gradual genocide of an entire nation.  The rate of birth defects directly tied to the use of depleted uranium was studied by the World Health Organization and was completed in October of 2012.  It has never been released.

Where was Secretary (senator) Kerry when Israel used white phosphorus in Gaza?   Where was his outrage and determination to act as a moral police force then?  Where was his concern for the Palestinian children injured or killed by white phosphorus weapons launched into their neighborhoods by the Israeli’s?  Why no attempts to launch an “action, strike or preventative measure” then?

But…But……it isn’t a war!

Listening to more of the fiasco that is the hearing, I have come to realize that this somehow is not  being referred to by what it is….an act of war.  Here’s how it shakes down from Kerry and Dempsey:

We aren’t going to war……it’s an “action”.

It isn’t a war….it’s an “intervention”.

It isn’t a war……it’s a “strike”.

It’s a WAR!

There will be no interventionist strikes, no singular actions that will cease once the first attack is made.  Our military will once again be committed to another illegal war, interfering in the business of another nation for the purposes of deposing their current government and installing another puppet regime that will allow the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and numerous oil cartels into Syria to begin looting the economy and the nations collective wealth.

It would be wonderful to believe that we are a noble nation with noble intentions, but the fact is, history has shown us that we are not.  It would be even greater to think that the federal machine is remotely interested in keeping the country safe……..they aren’t.  National security is not about keeping you or me safe, it is concerned only with keeping the District of Criminals, and those who occupy it safe, not only from foreign threats, but also from us.

This situation is not about what may or may not have been done to the Syrian people by Assad.  It is about creating a fiction, using it as an excuse and opportunity to invade yet another country that has not attacked us for no other reason than they have steadfastly refused to participate in the global banking scheme or to allow cartels in to rape and plunder their oil fields.


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