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Jim Stone Freelance

Reprinted with permission


I know for certain that it has been possible to have voice synthesis be 100 percent realistic since about 1994. This is because even in the 80’s, computers that average people had could speak as well as computers did in 1994. So that technology got screwed, black opped, surely a super computer in 1988 would totally outperform a PC in 1994, and average people did not have those. DARPA no doubt had excellent voice synthesis in the 80’s.

And I got proof of my suspicions regarding voice synthesis in 2003. I was at an Amtrack station, and Imad as hell called the central Amtrack ticket center from a payphone in the Amtrak station because the people at the station did not have an answer to a question I had. There was an extremely helpful woman on the phone who immediately knew the answer to every question, had a great sounding voice, and I was surprised when this woman even knew the answers to questions an average worker would not know. And at the end of the phone call, the woman identified herself as a computer speaking. I was blown away, I absolutely positively could not believe it was a computer I was talking to, especially with the oddball questions. The voice was 100 percent real. The computer was more useful than a live attendant face to face.

In 2011 I used the same Amtrak phone, and the computer voice was a load of practically unintelligible garbage that was absolutely brainless. Amtrak removed the technology. And I figured that in 2003, Amtrak, which is a government operation, was gifted with a real system. Since Amtrak was government, they may have been a prime venue for DARPA to test people’s reactions to a state of the art system, and also to find out exactly how human a state of the art system could be. My answer, if that be the case? 100 percent realistic and more skilled than people.

What does this mean? It means that with NSA spying, they know EVERYTHING about you, your wife, your friends, EVERYONE, and exactly how they sound on the phone. The NSA knows what your hobbies are, every letter you typed EVERYTHING, and with the massive computing power available now, they can spoof phone calls, and by now they can spoof video calls and make you believe you spoke to a loved one or friend when in fact you did not, and simultaneously call and spoof the other end as well. And if ALL your communication with someone has been via online contact only, such as a dating site, you can forget it entirely, dating sites are no doubt prime venues for intelligence agencies to get into your mind and rape you. And it could all be via computer, I am certain the cutting edge is detailed enough to fake entire relationships. If a call could have been that real in 2003, what would the 7 doublings of processing power since then make them capable of? They are now between 64 and 128 times as advanced, what can they do with that?

So I know that the state of technology is all fake, and that the intelligence agencies do not want you to know that voices and people can be perfectly faked in a way you would never know, to make good and sure that when they do intercept a call and make you think you talked to someone, you will be clueless that you really did not. And I am dead positive it has been this way since at least, and probably well before 2003, that voice at the Amtrak station proved it.