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Ron Johnson returns to update us on his efforts to resolve the refusal of the government and BP Oil to use his patented and proven oil recovery system, rather than Corexit and the continuing contamination of the Gulf coast.

Requesting of an Investigation and the formal charging of Criminal Acts against the United States Judicial Department brought forth by certain members of the administrative staff of three separate departments, Ron is pursuing his case.


“I know that I have to be the only person in the United States to ever file a law suit and according to the law, Rule 55(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, (F.R.C.P), win this law suit by the default actions of the defendant. But to only have the Magistrate Judge violate several rules of law in civil procedure and allow the defendant to submit briefs award a win of this case to the defendant without stepping into to a Court Room or even having the defendant answer the  summons and complaint.

While watching the Magistrate Judge disallowing evidence that clearly showed of proof of service, misconduct, misrepresentation and fraud on the part of the defendant in a pre-trial matter and along with her proceeding with a case that clearly shows default on the part of the defendant.

While the Magistrate Judge abused her judicial powers when she had this case dismissed for Failure to Prosecute. This was only because I refused to amend my complaint and re-file to allow the defendant a chance  enter into a trial that was suppose to be won by default, thus correcting the default to favor the defendant.”


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