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August 15, 2013


United States House of Representatives

C/O The Committee on the Judiciary

2138 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515


Ron Johnson Pro Se Complainant

Tel#: (510) 393-6169


Requesting of an Investigation and the formal charging of Criminal Acts against the United States Judicial Department brought forth by certain members of the administrative staff of three separate departments.

To all Subcommittee members on the Constitution and Civil Justice:

To all Subcommittee members on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet:

To all Subcommittee members on the Constitution and Civil Justice:

To all Subcommittee members on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations:

(All committee members listed below)

Sirs, and Madams,    

Please regard this letter as a


. This is involving a Magistrate Judge and certain members of the administrative staff from the Northern District of California, along with members from the administration staff from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Constructed by Attorney’s for B.P, from the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis L.L.C Mr. J. Andrew Langan, from their Chicago office and Mr. Christopher Keegan.

I have followed all procedures for appeals and as of April of this year, I have written to the Attorney General’s office, who in turned transferred me to the Solicitor General’s office to no avail.  I have also attempted to filed this complaint in writing with the San Francisco Branch of the F.B.I  and requested a  case report reference number and could not receive one by anyone or office.

I know that I have to be the only person in the United States to ever file a law suit and according to the law, Rule 55(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, (F.R.C.P), win this law suit by the default actions of the defendant. But to only have the Magistrate Judge violate several rules of law in civil procedure and allow the defendant to submit briefs award a win of this case to the defendant without stepping into to a Court Room or even having the defendant answer the  summons and complaint.

While watching the Magistrate Judge disallowing evidence that clearly showed of proof of service, misconduct, misrepresentation and fraud on the part of the defendant in a pre-trial matter and along with her proceeding with a case that clearly shows default on the part of the defendant. While the Magistrate Judge abused her judicial powers when she had this case dismissed for Failure to Prosecute. This was only because I refused to amend my complaint and re-file to allow the defendant a chance  enter into a trial that was suppose to be won by default, thus correcting the default to favor the defendant.

This trial has been in existence since June 7, 2010 in the Northern District of California federal court. Case #3:10-cv-02505. A appeal for this case was filed on June 30, 2011, in the Ninth Circuit case #: 11-16622, then October 22, 2012.  The  writ of Certiorari in the United States Supreme Court case #: 12-6902  that ended on March 14, 2013.

I request that these committees listed above to please conduct an investigation into the actions perpetrated by two members of the Law firm of Kirkland and Ellis L.L.C, one attorney from the Chicago office, Mr. J. Andrew Langan and second attorney from the San Francisco office, Mr. Christopher Keegan. Along with assistance and orchestration  of Magistrate Judge Leporte, from the Northern District of California and certain administrators and clerks from the Northern District of California. As well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals administrators and clerks and moving up to certain members of the administration of the U.S. Supreme Court.

This case was shuffled through the administrative portion of the appellant Judicial System to reflect an actual processing of this case and to conceal the actions and abuse of powers along with collusion that was committed by the District Magistrate Judge. Through delays and the tampering of government documents and the falsifying of government documents, committed by the administration of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals   

  • The Charges are as follows:
  • Collusion, Abuse of Judicial Powers by a Magistrate Judge,
  • Violation of Due Process,
  • Misconduct, Fraud,
  • Violation of Due Proof,
  • Tampering with Government Documents,
  • falsifying of Government Documents and
  • Judicial Terrorism

Judicial Terrorism: (Encarta Dictionary describes terrorism as an act or violent act by a group or person or persons against the government for personal or political gain).  There is definitely personal and political gain in this case.

Collusion & Fraud, Misconduct and Misrepresentation:  This act was committed when both attorneys of Kirkland & Ellis LLC conspired to deceive the court by willful writing and stating to the court, that the defendant or any of their affiliates had never received or had no prior knowledge of the summons and complaint filed by Plaintiff, until October 29, 2010. When in fact that one week after I filed it in San Francisco, CA.  The defendant’s attorney retrieved a copy of the plaintiff’s summons and complaint and filed for transfer to the Eastern District of the Joint Panel for Multi District Litigation, (J.P.M.D.L).

Material Fact: 

On June 14, 2010 Defendant’s Attorney Mr. J. Andrew Langan, a senior partner from the Chicago office of Kirkland & Ellis LLC  had retrieved a copy of the  summons and complaint, then filed a motion to have this case transferred to the  Joint Panel for Multi District Litigation (J.P.M.D.L) along with a second  filing on June 23, 2010. This case was briefed with the San Francisco office attorney, Mr. Christopher Keegan before he presented his hand delivered letter dated November 3, 2010. (This is collusion and proof of service).

The Abuse of Judicial Powers first committed by the Clerk of Court in the Northern District of California

When the Clerk of the Court chose not to enter Default Entry against the defendant as a matter of record. Then tells Plaintiff that he had a problem with entering default against the Defendant.

Material Fact:

Federal Rule of Civil and Criminal Procedure (F.R.C.C.P) Rule 55(a) cites that any party that fails to defend or otherwise answer a plea against them in a timely manner, shall be in default. The clerk must enter Default as a matter of Record. ( When the Clerk refused to enter default entry is an abuse of his administrative powers A clerks powers are administrative not judicial).

The Abuse of Judicial powers committed by the Magistrate Judge in the Northern District of California are: by allowing this case to proceed forward without the answering of the Summons and complaint of any kind from the defendant. Also by allowing this case to proceed forward when documented proof of Service and receipt by the defendant was submitted to the court that confirmed the proof of service and receipt by the defendant. The Magistrate Judge violated the rules of F.R.C.C.P 55(a), 60(b)(3) and Rule 61. All of these rules were change from the bench in District Court without regards to the rules of law in the favor of the defendant. This also is a gross violation of Due Process and Due Proof that was not allowed to me, the Plaintiff, but truly showed bias and favor towards the Defendant by this Magistrate Judge.

Material Fact:

Federal rules, laws and procedures are written to be applied and followed and not to change from the bench by any judge in lower court. No Judge is given the latitude to change any law or procedure from the bench to suit his or own discretion. This means that there are no laws and it is a makeup as you go situation

The Misconduct, Fraud and Misrepresentation on the part of the Defendants Attorneys were brought to the attention of the Magistrate Judge under Rule 60(b)(3) of F.R.C.P and were completely ignored by the Magistrate, with her not allowing the evidence. Stating that the evidence was inadmissible and unauthenticated. This was a pre trial matter.      

Material Fact: 

All evidence of proof that shows deception to the court or the acts of  misrepresentation, misconduct and Fraud on the part of the any party must be allowed and weighed heavily against the charges to determine its validity. The Magistrate did not do this.

Due Process is a Constitutional Right and I was denied that right. I should have received equal and fair treatment under the law.  These laws are not to be changed to fit the needs or to favor mega business over the common man. It was constructed as a guideline to govern all parties of our country fairly.


On addressing these four acts alone are grounds for an investigation to be conducted by the committee of the Judiciary. As your committee reviews the court records of this entire case, they uncover all of the collusion, fraud misconduct, misrepresentation, tampering with Government documents and falsifying of Government. Along with changing the rules for personal gain equals the destruction of our judicial system as it was designed for.

For three years this case had move through the justice system with a win verdict for the Defendant. From June 7, 2010 until March 14, 2013 even though these attorneys did not answer the summons and complaint throughout this entire phantom trial. Also even though these attorneys defrauded the court system and committed perjury and falsified government document to further manipulate this verdict in this case, and was caught in this act at the time of each event. Through the intentional tampering and attempted destruction of our judicial system

I am publicly challenging these committees to do the job of your appointed positions, for these acts committed are a part of each subcommittee named above. I ask that your committees display the courage to correct this miscarriage and travesty of justice.

Should your committee decide to accept this challenge and connect the dots that have been blatantly laid out for you to be seen. Your key players of investigation should be the Attorneys for B.P, both offices,  Magistrate Judge Leporte, Clerk of the Court in the ninth circuit court of appeals ( Ms. Molly Dwyer), Inquire if she read and received the letter of inquiry written to her and why was it ordered into my case file. Then check with the clerk that entered this letter into my case file.

It would also be good to check the calendars of the Justices that presided over this case and rendered the opinion and changed the laws without allowing these precedents to be placed into the law journals.  Due to the arrogance of the attorneys’ for B.P, the Magistrate Judge and certain members of the administrative staff of all three branches of the court system.   I am also forwarding this letter to the press since we are supposed to have a transparent government. I can be reached at the number or Email address at the beginning of this letter, should any of your committees or members want to interview me.

Respectfully yours,

Ron Johnson

Cc: the press



To all committee members by name:

The Honorable Bob Goodlatte-Chairman (R) VA.  6th, Hon. Conyers-Ranking member (D) MI. 13th, Hon. Sensenbrenner (R) WI. 5th, Hon. Nadler (D) NY. 10th, Hon. Coble  (R) NC.6th , Hon. Scott (D) VA.3rd , Hon. Smith (R) TX. 21st,  Hon. Watt (D) NC. 12th, Hon. Chabot (R) OH. 1st, Hon. Lofyren (D) CA. 19TH, Hon. Issa (R) CA. 49th, Hon. Cohen (D) TN. 9th, Hon. Jackson Lee (D) TX. 18th, Hon. Forbes (R) VA. 4th, Hon. Johnson (D) GA. 4th, Hon. King (R) IA. Pierluisi (D) PR. (at large), Hon. Franks (R) AZ., Hon. Chu (D) CA. 27th, Hon. Gohmert (R) TX. Hon. Deutch (D) FL. 21st, Hon Jordan (R) OH. 4th, Hon. Gutierrez (D) IL. 4th Hon. Poe (R) TX. 2nd, Hon. Bass (D) CA. 37th, Hon. Chaffetz UT. 3rd, Hon. Richmond (D) LA. 2nd, Hon. Marino (R) PA. 10th Hon. DelBene (D) WA. 1st, Hon. Gowdy (R) SC. 4th, Hon. Garcia (D) FL. Hon. Amodei (R) NV. 2nd, Hon. Jefferies (D) NY. 8th, Hon. Labrador, (R) ID. 1st, Hon. Farenthold (R) TX. 27th, Hon. Holding (R) NC. 13th, Hon. Collins, (R) GA. 9th  Hon. De Santis (R) FL. 6th , Hon. Smith (R) Mo. 8th 

To all Subcommittee members on the Constitution and Civil Justice:

Rep Trent Franks( AZ. 8th)   Chairman, Mr. Jordan, Vice- Chairman, Mr. Chabot, Mr. Nador, Mr. Forbes, Mr. Conyers, Mr. King, Mr. Scott, Mr. Gohmert, Mr. Cohen, Mr. DeSantis, Mr. Deutch, Mr. Mr. Smith (MO)

To all Subcommittee members on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet:

Rep. Howard Coble (NC. 6th ) Chairman , Mr. Marino, Vice- Chairman, Mr. Sensenbrenner, Mr. Watt, Mr. Smith (TX), Mr. Conyers, Mr. Chabot, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Issa, Ms. Chu, Mr. Poe, Mr. Deutch, Mr. Chaffetz, Ms. Bass, Mr. Amodel, Mr. Richmomd, Mr. Farenthold, Ms. DelBene, Mr. Holding, Mr. Jefferies, Mr. Collins, Mr. Nadler, Mr. DeSantis, Ms. Lofgren, Mr.Smith (MO),Ms. Jackson Lee  

To all Subcommittee members on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations:

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (WI. 5th), Chairman, Mr. Poe Vice- Chairman, Mr. Coble Mr. Scott, Mr. Bachus, Mr. Pierluisi, Mr. Forbes, Ms. Chu, Mr. Franks, Mr. Gutierrez, Mr. Chaffetz, Ms. Bass, Mr. Gowdy, Mr. Richmond, Mr. Labrador.