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The BP Oil spill that contaminated and poisoned the waters of the Gulf of Mexico was a national disaster.  The real tragedy was that the oil blowing out of the busted pipe could have been totally contained and 100% recovered using a system designed by Ron Johnson and available as far back as 2001.

Why did BP, Halliburton and the federal government refuse to use this technology shown to be 100% effective in controlling and recovering oil spills?

When asked to explain his oil containment system, Johnson stated,

This oil containment system replaces the boom or sea curtin. It corrals the oil and keeps the oil in place at the point of the oil spill allowing for the oil to be removed with skimmers and removed safely, not allowing any oil to reach the coastal shorelines. It will contain 100% of any marine oil spill. It greatly limits the number of fish and wildlife that are usually destroyed because of its design. The best part about this system is… That there are no bio-degradeable chemicals which are all carcinogens used. In short, my system works with the environment. Not against it.

Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post

In early June, I wrote an article entitled, “Lawsuit Claims BP and Court Colluded to Keep Monopoly on Oil Containment Tech,”[1] where I detailed many of the claims made by Ron Johnson who sued BP for antitrust and negligence in regards to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill. Johnson’s initial claims against BP were concerning enough. However, during the course of Johnson’s lawsuit and appeals process, Johnson began experiencing what he describes as clear corruption of the higher courts and collusion between these institutions and BP.


This last week saw Halliburton admitting to destroying evidence related to the investigation of the BP Oil spill that occurred in 2010.  Halliburton agreed to pay 200,000 in damages in exchange for continuing in their special protected, profitable business arrangement with the federal government.


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