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Please join Ruthie this week Thursday July 25th 2013 from 8 to 10 pm CST with her Guest: MARIA ESPINOZA

The Remembrance Project is working hard to ensure that the victims – those Washington, Congress and the Mainstream Media seem to ignore … are not forgotten – The Project is currently in many States and looking to get those States not yet involved……ON BOARD!

MINNSIR/Ruthie Hendrycks and the Patriots that are members .. have Minnesota covered… is your State on board?

Minnesota Banner of Stolen Lives/The Remembrance project displays the ‘Cottonwood Four’

This week Ruthie will share the ordeals of many of the newest victims – those treated as human collateral . Several are very disturbing and we will discuss them with Maria and how YOU can get involved.

Please tune in – this is a “Do Not Miss” show

WE MUST SPEAK FOR THE VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES – I will not be silent!!!!!!!! – Ruthie

Maria Espinoza 281-236-7580
National Director of  The Remembrance Project
President of Houston  Eagle Forum
The Remembrance Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was created in 2009 to  honor and remember Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens.  The  Remembrance will educate, raise awareness, and conduct outreach in order to  support and protect citizens and legal residents, and their families well-being  and safety through upholding U.S. laws and following the Constitution.   View our video. (Preview)

The Remembrance Project Stolen Lives Quilt
StolenLives Quilt-TheRemembranceProject
The Stolen Lives Quilt event has been moved to TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012,  7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Our “Stolen  Lives Quilt” initiative gives a voice to the thousands of Americans whose lives  have been “stolen” and who no longer have a voice.
We must insist that  our public servants uphold all laws, in order to keep our families safe and to  protect our jobs and resources.

Maria Espinoza

– ..rise in opposition to  S.744

otherwise, there will be thousands more  victims.

Video (Preview)


To Contact us: Ruthie  Minnesotans Seeking Immigration  Reform