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“Why is it, every time the jackasses in the District of Criminals have run some program into the ground, squandered massive amounts of dollars while letting corporations write bills that benefit them and rape and rob the states, they always come out and say; “The system is broken”. “We’ve got to fix the system, it is broken”. It’s an emergency! We have to do something right now! And that is all quickly followed by one phony “crisis” after another as they try to scare the public into believing the “crisis” just magically and mysteriously appeared.”


Recent news reports highlighted the announcement of a proposed restructuring of the United States government (USA.Inc.).  The collusion of privately owned federal corporations that operate under fraud, color of “law”, and fictions of law, are now openly conspiring with other Non-governmental agencies in an effort to by-pass any remaining restrictions on their plundering and theft of the states assets and adherence to UN Agenda 21, Chapter 8  The conversion to a one-world government where the individual governmentnot only will not be able to own anything, but can be found at any time to have violated some or all of the 23 million fictionally created rules, regulations, statutes or codes, issued by government and private corporations against the people, will be expanded.

An overt act of treason against the people of the sovereign states, is underway.  Un-elected bureaucracies,  created for no other reason than to by-pass Constitutional provisions and prohibitions against a centralized all-controlling government have been published in a study called    Sustainability For the Nation: Resource connections and government linkages.  This is a blueprint for finalizing the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, centralizing all power in one branch and totally dis-empowering the people then rendering the Constitution dead once and for all, and structuring the foundations for one world government.

Should the provisions in this study be implemented to any degree, pink slips should be sent to every member of Congress, in both houses, terminating their cushy and highly protected jobs for allowing this to transpire.  This study represents a bold-faced attack on the Constitution, the rule of law and the people of the states.  What this study details is the establishment of a Homeland Security Terrorism type behemoth federal monstrosity which will quickly show itself to be a threat to the nation, just as Homeland Security Terrorism has done.

Remember when we were all fighting back against the National Animal Identification System and subsequently, the fake food safety bill?  I noted at the time that Dick Durbin, IL, pondered the idea of creating one huge behemoth agency akin to HSD:

I find it less than coincidental that Senator Durbin, in his dramatic speech on the floor of the Senate, proposed to Senator Coborn, who objected to S.510, that maybe what was needed was just one big agency to cover everything. Wonder where he came up with that idea? Just a notion; top of his head suggestion.

When those who subscribe to the phony “sustainability” plan describe what they think it entails, always it is some sense of environmental protection, some social equalization or some possible greening up of the planet for the sake of humanity.  The word “sustainability” is another of what we like to call “weasel word swaps”. (think corporate government trade agreements (contracts) as opposed to Constitutionally approved treaties.  Two entirely different concepts one binding and the other simply complied with.

While this study claims it is about the euphemistic [sustainability] theory, the actions of the actual agencies involved against the public are in direct conflict with reality.

The Environmental Protection Agency is not about protecting the environment, but rather, more about providing protection and privilege to corporations, absolving many of the most environmentally damaging businesses to operate not only free of compliance with regulations, but also with immunity from being held responsible for the damage they cause.  The only other thing the EPA does to any degree is to harass, intimidate and persecute private land owners.

“And it’s not just the Clean Water Act, and the Safe Drink­ing Water Act that exempt the oil and gas indus­try. The Clean Air Act, passed by Con­gress in 1970, exempts oil and gas wells from aggre­ga­tion. That means, each well site is con­sid­ered an indi­vid­ual source of pol­lu­tants, and does not take into account all of the well sites in a spe­cific area.

Also amended in the 2005 Energy Pol­icy Act was the Clean Water Act.
Con­gress enacted the CWA back in 1972 as a way to reg­u­late
dis­charges into the country’s rivers and streams. The CWA was amended
in 1987 to include storm water run-off. But oil and gas pro­duc­tion are
exempted from those reg­u­la­tions. And in the 2005 Energy Pol­icy Act,
those exemp­tions included oil and gas con­struc­tion.
Envi­ron­men­tal­ists worry about run-off from well pads, pipelines and
con­struc­tion sites.

When it comes to the han­dling of waste water, or frack water, that too is exempt from a fed­eral statute called the Resource Con­ser­va­tion and Recov­ery Act. The RCRA tracks indus­trial wastes from “cra­dle to grave.” But when it comes to the oil and gas indus­try, as long as the waste water is on the drill site, or being trans­ported, it is not con­sid­ered haz­ardous. This also applies to drilling mud. That’s why trucks car­ry­ing waste water, which con­tains high lev­els of salts, toxic chem­i­cals, as well as radioac­tive mate­r­ial, may be labeled “resid­ual waste.” READ MORE HERE


The USDA, second possibly only to the FDA in public revulsion and disgust, operates as a direct threat to our farmers and ranchers and to our food supply.  USDA claims it does not have the money or manpower to inspect any more than 1-2% of incoming food containers from countries notorious for shipping and dumping contaminated products into our food supply.  It does however have money and manpower to send goon squads onto privately owned farms, ranches, food co-ops and other independent food producers in an effort to limit or wipe out entirely anything other than corporate industrialized farming.

The rule of Law?

 Please note the statement in the study, that our system of law is now considered to be an “impediment”. 

The sponsoring agencies include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Department of Energy and Agriculture, and a handful of private donors, including BP, Lockheed Martin, and the David and Lucille Packard Foundation.

The aim of the proposed radical overhaul: to overcome “impediments or barriers” that “frustrate federal government efforts to create linkages” between agencies and other non-federal partners to address important “sustainability issues” that affect the country and the planet.

One of the important unanswered questions, the former official said, is “who gets to decide what sustainability is? Or what its outcome means?”

One of the major impediments, the study says, is created by America’s “basic framework of government, established by law, which is “one of separated and dispersed authority,” in which “government agencies at all levels — federal, state, local, tribal and even international — can only do what they have been authorized to do by their governing authorities — namely, Congress, state legislatures, etc.” — not to mention the U.S. Constitution.

The new system of government organization, the study says, would bring federal, state and local branches of government together with “stakeholders,” activists and other interested parties in ways that would not depend on the old legal restrictions and facilitate new methods of dealing with the problems of creating a “sustainable society.” (emphasis, mine)

Here’s a clue!

We have a separated and dispersed government exactly because we do not want, and never did want a centralized ruling branch.  The model here for exactly what kind of threat this new super agency would become is epitomized by the Homeland Security Terrorism department.  Using the same arguments:

It would allow us to communicate with each other which we can’t do now (lie).

These separate agencies could now work together (they already were)

It will streamline the agencies and be cost efficient (lie).

It will keep America safe! (BIG GIANT LIE)

The system needs modernization (RED ALERT!!)

In this particular instance, the creation of a newly constructed government will facilitate the continuance32714_1th of the global warming/climate change BS to be used to limit or eliminate property rights, to continue the geo-engineering and to harass, intimidate and persecute the people of the states. Global warming/climate change is another of those government created fictions that has been so thoroughly debunked.

One thing we have all learned over these years of watching these actors in the District of Criminals is that when they tell us the “Law is broken”, the “System is broken”,  or that they are “Modernizing” something that actually needs to be eradicated,  taking away our rights and protections because it’s the only way they can do their job or keep us safe……. they are lying.

When they tell us a new agency or construct is needed for whatever reasons, we know that the real intent is to further limit our rights and to expand the grip and threat of centralized government.

The people, groups and entities who authored this act of treason against the people of the States should be brought up on charges and prosecuted accordingly.

Unfortunately, not only will this not happen, those fine Jackasses in the District of Criminals will be scrambling to get camera time to support what can only be viewed as the overthrow of our Constitutional government.