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Note:  I personally reject the EPA’s presumption of authority in mandating any kind of in home surveillance intentionally installed on or in appliances for the purpose of data-mining, energy usage, or any other fictional and contrived rationale given for this invasion of privacy for which the EPA has no lawful authority to implement.”


While state governments sit back and wait for the money train to roll in from the federal corporation, the EPA is doing its part to implement the SMART Grid in home surveillance system by passing unenforceable laws, calling them regulations and rules.  The time may have come to force the revocation of corporate agencies operating at the state and federal levels, and return these offices to public service and liable for their activities and actions.  In the instance of the creation of unconstitutional corporate epa-finger-logo1agencies, erasing them and their statutes and codes from existence is the only answer.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), another of those private corporations owned by the parent corporation “” a.k.a, “The United States of America” a.k.a., the federal government, is again issuing non-binding, unconstitutional rules and regulations related to the SMART Grid and SMART Meter surveillance of your home and what you do in it.  The real problem here is the acquiescence of state governments to foist those unlawful rules and regulations onto the public and claiming they have some kind of contrived immunity by virtue of public office from being held accountable for the harm they cause to the public.  Unlawful and harmful activity is criminal, and should not be shielded from prosecution under some fictionally created protection which only encourages more criminal activity.

They know SMART Meters/grid is going to harm you

While the public is just beginning to assess the damages from installations of SMART Meters and while communities across the country fight back against the unwanted installation of these meters, the RNC/DNC Crime Syndicate sits silently and refuses to defend the public from this assault.  In fact, not only will they not act to protect their communities from this unconstitutional invasion, they are the very people who set this into motion.  This of course, explains the denial by staffers claiming they know nothing about SMART Grid or SMART Meters, and if they don’t know about it……why would the senator or representative?  In fact, the denial is so wide-spread that calling your senator or representative’s offices will get you a talking points memo list of points to recite.  And recite them they do, in the exact order they appear on the list. No one in public office wants to admit that not only do they know about SMART Meters and the Grid, they most likely helped create it!

Hang on to your old fridge and freezer!


The EPA announced the new requirements on June 27. Included is the optional “smart-grid” connection for customers to electronically connect their refrigerator or freezer with a utility provider. “The updated requirements raise the bar for energy efficiency in these products and, for the first time, encourage manufacturers of Energy Star appliances to include optional ‘connected’ features,” according to the EPA release. The connection feature allows the utility provider to regulate the appliances’ power consumption, “including curtailing operations during more expensive peak demand times.” – See more at:

This is more than simple encouragement, this is an outright attempt to pass a law by-passing congress and presuming an authority the EPA does not have and can not be granted by congress.  Never fear though, the RNC/DNC Crime Syndicate will move quickly to pass an unconstitutional and unlawful, law, granting powers they don’t have to EPA.

As for the “optional” claim; SMART Meter installation was to have been an optional “Opt-in” program.  This of course was by-passed by bribing public utility commissions to mandate the meters in an obvious assault on the public.  As quickly as manufacturers begin offering only these spy enabled appliances, the option they refer to will quickly disappear.

“The assault on communities by unscrupulous and immoral utility manufacturers and suppliers as they install thousands of SMART meters against the wishes of residents across the country continues as another less known assault is taking place. Both the past and current administrations and congresses carefully constructed what will be a micro-managed system of in-home surveillance and personal monitoring to be used for data-mining, food control, healthcare rationing, population control and lethal force, if necessary.”

What the EPA does not tell you is that they have absolutely no authority whatsoever to make laws.  Neither do they tell you that their presumption of authority is rendered void by the Non-delegation Doctrine.  This doctrine makes clear that congress, nor the president can grant powers and authority to fictional corporations that they never possessed themselves.  While much has been written by so-called scholars in attempt to marginalize the Non-delegation doctrine, the fact remains that congress never had the power to regulate the environment regardless of how many fictional and unlawful bills they passed, nor how many privately owned corporations calling them selves “government agencies” are unlawfully created.

Even leaning on the the Constitution to claim they derive their power to regulate the environment on the general welfare clause and that they do so for the public good, is exposed for the fallacy that it is when you consider the massive damage to the environment as a result of giving favored corporations free passes on the Clean Air, and Clean water acts and other special privileges.  As an example, gas and oil drilling and fracking is exempt from any water and air regulations even though they are notorious for the contamination and devastation their businesses cause.

“In the instance of the EPA, the presumption of authority, unless rebutted, will void the Clean Air Act. EPA cannot arbitrarily presume it has regulatory powers never intended in the legislation or in its creation under the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). The APA was itself an unconstitutional ceding of law making powers by congress, with the intent to create corporations that operate under US Code and Title (contract law/corporations) in an effort to supplant contract law in lieu of constitutional laws and protections.

In summary

SMART Grid/meters is not about energy efficiency, energy conservation, reducing energy costs or any of the other nonsense put out as propaganda to persuade the public to accept these invasive installations and to believe that they are helping the environment.  The damage from these meters is growing and so is the size of energy bills along with an epidemic rise in behavioral disorders in children and adults alike as they respond to the growing level of microwave radiation that we are swimming in.

These meters and the grid have nothing to do with energy conservation, but everything to do with putting the entire population under surveillance.  Once in place, your energy in your home can be shut off at will.   Or all the energy to your street, or your community or your state.  In fact, it will allow the government to black out entire regions if they choose to.  This means your prized cell phone won’t work, nor your computer and not even your TV.

What if they did this on the night that Dancing with The Stars was on??????



SMART Meters, No Federal Mandate