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 . . and are NOW under United Nations Global Policy Limitations . . .

“These meetings have predetermined outcomes . . Public comment is NOT considered.  These unelected boards have been “selected” by mayors, city councils and county boards and are not ELECTED by the people. .”

“San Francisco” and Neighboring Cities Soon To Be Called ONE BAY AREA . . . . The Full YouTube of the ABAG meeting on June 20, 2013 . . .

What you are about to witness is the continued assault of the U.N. Agenda 21 aka Future Earth agenda to consume local cities and create Mega Regions.  You will watch the incremental demise of America through land theft and denial of any public representation. . The end goal is to create TEN Mega Regions called the United States.  These mega regions are already designated and it’s only a matter of constructing them which is being done through this ONE  BAY AREA PLAN.


It is important to learn what this looks like because this plan is creeping across the country. .

This is in accordance to the dictates of the Global bankers. . .to eliminate nation states and dissolve cities into mega regions to ultimately create a One World Order. . .controlled by the bankers . . Scroll into the YouTube to 1:42:40 and listen to Lou Tavares then immediately following Lou you will hear Deborah Tavares with . .  then again at 3:30:23 . . .
Read the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars policy on Source Doc Tab . . . and familiarize yourself with the Wildland Project – Bio Diversity Treaty that is in full implementation, right now.  This project is creating corridors that will limit and prevent human access and is disguised and being stealthily implemented across the country by way of park closures, road closures that are prohibiting vehicle access, restricted use of off road vehicles, requiring passes into hunting and camping areas, and the creation of penalties, fines and regulations.
The agencies involved are corporations under the mother corporation, USA, Inc.  The U.S. Forestry, Fish and Game, the EPA, many of the non-profits are subverting property rights and in collusion with UN Agenda policies.
Once you understand the Wildlands Project you will see the connections of the One Bay Area Plan and the creation of PDA’s (Priority Development Areas) which regulate land usage outside the PDA’s.  While this may sound unreal this is REAL.  The PDA’s create human settlement reservations while restrictions are placed upon land outside the reservations – PDA’s.  This is THE PLAN, restriction of human access outside of the reservations.  Look at the Wildlands Map on . . .
These meetings have predetermined outcomes . . Public comment is NOT considered.  These unelected boards have been “selected” by mayors, city councils and county boards and are not ELECTED by the people. .
This unelected board is determining massive city zoning changes that will impact existing housing, change property use, impact rural property not only by reducing property values but by restricting development rights (additions ,etc).  The rural properties outside of the priority development zones will not receive adequate monies for road maintenance services. . .this unelected board is concentrating future population centers near highways that have been shown to cause increased illnesses from the pollution. . . further these boards are signing contracts for grant funds that are obligating the cities i.e. YOU to repay . . 
Important to know that these are unelected agencies working for a private corporation listed on Dunn and Bradstreet.  In other words this board is not really part of the government and the people did not elect any of them.  Since the people cannot fire this board it proves they do not work for us.
The high density residential units proposed in this plan have sat vacant for years in many other cities that have already committed to increasing their dwelling units.  Why would anyone build these large housing developments when the state and cities are financially over extended and no one is purchasing them?
Residents will learn they are living in a Priority Development Area when they are informed they must relocate – called being displaced.  Likewise, many property owners will learn their properties are within the PDA’s and will no longer meet the NEW land use requirements.
The population growth statistics are rigged and do not reflect accurate growth and future jobs.  California is known for business leakage due to the increased taxes implemented by Cap and Trade, the cost for air and the tax on air.  The economy is weak and prospects are grim due to the intentional transfer of businesses and manufacturing off shore and to China.  California had ranked number five in the global market place but now has slide to eighth place in recent years, and is probably ranking lower then that now.
This unelected board is engaged in negotiating with private public partnerships which is a conflict of interest.  Public Pays – Private Profits. . . this is Economic Warfare as described in the “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” policy.  go to Source Doc Tab . . .

Watch the video and STOP this plan before unelected boards in you city commits you to the bankers agenda!


This video is long but it’s fully indexed.

by Steve Kemp’s America

Click on a link below to jump to a segment. Video by Steve Kemp
:00 Meeting called to order
:37 PUBLIC COMMENTS (general)
:44 – Leslie Jones
:58 – Suzanne Tringali
:17 – Judy Galletti
:31 – Mimi Steel
:27 – Dave Erlich
:38 – Jim Bitter
:29 President’s Report
:41 Draft Plan Bay Area – Miriam Chion
:10 – question- Cap and Trade funds
:26 – Infill developments?
:48 – Send PBA to public vote?
:52 – Trucks on I-580?
:50 – Population & Jobs projections?
:54 – Allow public vote?
:34 – how is this being done statewide?
:01:56 – I want an advisory vote of the people
:04:13 PUBLIC COMMENT on draft PBA
:04:27 – Chris Pareja
:06:26 – Michael Ling – Non-profit housing association
:08:17 – Larry Tong – EBRPD
:10:37 – Matt Nichol – Six Winds
:12:23 – Aubrey Freedman
:14:37 – Dave Eirlich
:16:47 – Peter Singleton
:19:02 – Pam Farly
:20:25 – Heather Gass
:23:19 – Clarissa Comisaugan
:25:48 – Charles Cagnon
:28:11 – Maybelle Inzagu – Public Advocates at…