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Rosanna Miller:

I am dealing with the cover up of the death of my Mother then the court system left my Dad with Dementia and mentally impaired, incompetent and in abuse: literally living like a pig for 6 yrs while I tried to get guardianship which the court refused me.

Now the corporate agents have stolen $250,000 from their estate. My Dad is now in a nursing home trying to kill himself so the agents loaded him up on drugs to subdue him which is abuse by chemical restraint. The agents have gutted their home throwing away any final evidence to link the suspect of Mom’s death while it is still an “ongoing” investigation. The Corporate Agents have done everything they can to support the suspect and abuser cause they knew that is where they would make their money. The suspect walks free to this day.

This is nothing short of conspiracy and racketeering.

Great country we live in.

I have had more cases than carters has pills and I can not get any decent legal help with any of this even though we have a Constitution protecting our God endowed unalienable rights. I live in the Twilight Zone of the Outer Limits everyday and wonder why I get up!!!

My Mom has had no justice for her death and there is still no headstone on her grave. It is bare. Dad has been isolated from all of us and they will steal the balance of their estate and in all plunder a half million dollars. If I had had any viable help to stop this I would have gladly given it to the group who assisted me instead of throwing it into HELL!!!!

Mom needs justice and Dad needs to be back with me, the estate paid back and these criminal thieves in prison…..Till then we are at war with the Common Law Grand Jury that is supposed to serve the people.

Should a Common Law Grand Jury indict to INVESTIGATE how the government let these crimes proceed?

This Writ for Petition of Habeas Corpus to the Ohio Supreme Court outlines the crimes that have been committed on my parents Clair and Ann Miller and petitions to release my 80 year old Dad out of the prison he was abducted and incarcerated into by agents of the Logan County Ohio corporate government. The Ohio Supreme Court denied this Writ therefore they condone murder, abuse of the elderly and theft of THE PEOPLE’S estates.

Clair is now chemically restrained after he tried to commit suicide documented in the Habeas Corpus. Clair does NOT NEED TO BE THERE. He should be home with Rosanna and family. All the LAWS, LEGAL DOCUMENTS and PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS were in place to stop this but the AGENTS of the government just ignored it all.
The July 16, 2012 Bellefontaine Police report for “financial exploitation” was produced late in December 2012 after having to force it. It was not available to submit with the Habeas Corpus.

Clair and Ann’s Estate at her death.

Thief Lawyer Fansler inventory submitted January 2013 only after it was demanded.

Affidavit of Disqualification (this repeats and reiterates the criminal corruption) OHIO SUPREME COURT THROWS OUT THE MAXIMS OF LAW!!!!

Ann has no justice for her death or headstone on her grave! Clair has been abused by agents of the government who have aided the suspect and abuser! There is $250,000 plundered from their estate!
The government had a duty and responsibility to stop this. They knew it was happening all the way up to the State Level and did NOTHING. Now why would they let it proceed on?

How many hands is the stolen money in???????