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new-logo25By John W. Wallace – OathKeeper
“Their tactics may have changed, but their goals have not. The ‘New Communists’ try to avoid the upfront, overt use of force and violent tactics of their 20th century comrades.  Now they use advertising agencies and marketing companies to push their agenda.”
 I am always amazed when so-called liberal, progressive, or socialist politicians and/or members of the BGcrYHNCEAEudKYnational media refer to people like me, who believe in Liberty and individual freedom, as Right Wing Extremists, Nazis or Fascists simply because we believe that the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land and should be followed by all elected and appointed government officials at every level of government.
 These progressive politicians and members of the national media, continually use a  ‘Left-Right Paradigm’ to classify Constitutionalists, Conservatives and Tea Party types as extremists and place them on the right side of the paradigm, while the so-called enlightened liberals and progressives see themselves somewhere on the left side of the paradigm.
In the United States today, the Left-Right Paradigm is in reality a false paradigm that gives people the public appearance that there are two main opposing political groups, the Republicans and Democrats. These two major political parties, like magicians, cleverly give the illusion that they have basic differences in their national and world views, but in reality, both political parties share the common goals of staying in power, moving our country towards a socialist-style, big government, nanny state where a sizable majority of the people will be dependent upon elected and appointed government officials, from both parties, giving them government handouts or other assistance.
Although publically, the Republicans and Democrats seem to disagree on major and minor issues that divide the nation, they are really just using these issues to manipulate and rally certain segments of the public behind one side of the issue or the other, with the real purpose being and to get donations for the cause, whatever it may be. The basic idea behind this practice is to keep the American people divided so that each party can maintain control over those people within their party’s sphere of influence who think the way the party leaders do.
They use the false Left-Right paradigm on important issues like abortion, women’s rights, amnesty for illegal aliens, gay marriage, government scandals, taxing the rich, etc. to distract the people from their real goals, while members of both parties pass bills in the middle of the night without reading them, issue executive orders, give out loan guarantees to big money contributors, sign agreements with the United Nations or other countries that usually result in a loss of American jobs, limiting the American people’s Liberty and individual freedoms and gradually destroying the sovereignty of our country.
The Republican and Democrat parties are also funded and/or influenced by many of the same members of the political Elite, organizations and institutions, including the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and the Trilaterial Commission, all financed by tax-free foundations, socialist billionaires, international bankers and old-money trusts.
In America today, we have a turnstile-type government in which executives from corporations like Goldman-Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Monsanto, and other large multi-national corporations routinely go back and forth from their corporations to government agencies and back to their corporations in an almost endless cycle. After serving in top positions in the federal government, many of these corporate elite return to their previous companies with a big promotion and are rewarded handsomely for having written regulations that benefit their corporate entities, but that have usually screwed the American people in some way.
What does President Barack Obama, Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Chuck Schumer, international bankers, Bill Ayres, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Bill Gates, the Hollywood Elite, college presidents, Michael Moore, Senator John McCain, Rep John Boehner, Paul Krugman (writer), Al Sharpton, TV station and newspaper owners and editors, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, LaRaza, Al Gore, Bill Maher, Rep. Maxine Waters, community organizers, government unions, Rachel Maddow and others of that ilk have in common?  Why these individuals are all part of a varied mixture of liberalism, progressivism, socialism, communism and/or Marxism. They are the new communists of the 21st Century.
Their tactics may have changed, but their goals have not. The ‘New Communists’ try to avoid the upfront, overt use of force and violent tactics of their 20th century comrades.  Now they use advertising agencies and marketing companies to push their agenda. They create rights that don’t exist like affirmation action. They push abortion as a woman’s right in order to murder the children of the undesirables in the nation’s population, who are mostly minorities. No need for the gas chambers or the killing fields anymore, or at least not yet.
They use the national media and the Hollywood elite to constantly lavish praise and support on those Neo-Commies who are currently in power and to destroy and malign any opposition voices that may arise. They create and support phony citizens groups whose main purpose are to personally attack and destroy the reputations of those who dare to disagree with their agenda.  They have created and support the global warming, climate change movement and use junk science, federal regulations, international agreements, fear tactics, and monetary incentives to get States and local governments to assist them in taking away the property rights of their fellow Americans.
It is very clear that their views on what America should be are closer to a Marxist or communist views and are very different from the views of the average American. There is no real difference between the views of the ‘New Communists’ of the 21st Century who believe that American capitalism is basically evil and we need to redistribute the wealth of the “haves” to the “have-nots.” and the views taken by the international Communists back in the era of Stalin and Kruschev.
When the ‘New Communists’ accuse us of being Nazis and Fascists for our conservative, constitutional views, they are either ignorant of history, have decided to ignore the past, or are just plain stupid.  The Nazi’s were members of the National Socialist Party which would put them on the far left on the paradigm, not the right.  Benito Mussolini, the leader the Fascist movement in Italy, was a card carrying member of the Italian Communist Party, and would also be placed on the left on the paradigm, not the right.
The Nazis and the Fascists were in fact, fellow travelers of Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and Fidel Castro. All were communists of some sort and all ordered the people to register their guns in their individual countries, eventually confiscating them and murdering millions of their own citizens.
We have Democrat Senators Feinstein and Schumer trying to take away our guns like Hitler and the rest of the communists; We have President Obama ruling by fiat, like all the communist leaders have; We have Republican Senators like McCain helping to arm our enemies and pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens; We have government connected groups like the NAACP and LaRaza trying to create a great divide among the various races; We have the President pushing for a common core indoctrination curriculum for all American students; We had both Republicans and Democrats pushing for nationalized medical care, just like a communist country; etc, etc.
These individuals and others like them call themselves liberals, progressives, civil rights activists, mavericks and sometimes even socialists, but never communists or Marxists, but that is exactly who they are. There are 70+ members of the Democrat Party in congress who call themselves the Socialist Caucus.  Socialist is another word for Communist.
What has happened in America in the 21st century is that liberals, progressives, Republican RINO’s, socialists, communists, Marxists, globalists, the Hollywood elite, minority racist groups, the national media, some government unions and their other fellow travelers have morphed into one, big, new modern form of communism.  They are the ‘New Communists of the 21st Century.
Their goal is to re-make America into some Socialist Utopia where everyone is taken care of, where no one has a gun to defend themselves, where no one makes more money than they need; where government will educate the people for a specific job so they can carry out the goals of the government; where there is no national sovereignty only a world government; where the government controls all the news, communications as well as the food and water, and where the people can never get ahead unless they work for the government or are members of some elite group.  This, my fellow Americans, is communism and these are their ultimate goals.
So let’s stop beating around the bush by calling them liberals, progressives, RINO’s, mavericks or socialists and call them what they are – They are the new communists of the 21st century and we should use the term ‘NEO-COMMIES’ to accurately describe them.
In the Art of War (6th century BC) Sun Tzu said “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”
Let us know that the enemies of our Republic are the NEO-COMMIES (the New Communists of the 21st century). We know ourselves because we stand for Liberty, individual
freedom and sovereignty for our country.
Let us move forward against a clearly identified enemy within our own country and fight a hundred battles against these NEO-COMMIES without disaster or defeat.
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