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Deborah Tavares

                          “We were told leaf collections are NOT allowed to be taken on any federally owned property, county parks or state owned lands.  When asked why – we were told the park agencies would “not give permission”. (Note:  Later after the meeting was over we submitted a note, because the master gardeners were gone, asking for clarification of denial by federal park agencies, and to date we have not received a reply to our question).  Again, we were told NOT to collect leaves from federally owned property, county parks or state parks  . . . .    “



 This is advance warning from California!

Fourteen Coastal Regions From Monterey, California  and on up to Southern Oregon are being identified as areas where varieties of oak trees and Laurels are infected with SOD (Sudden Oak Death) . . . a MOLD.
UC Berkeley has teamed up with area Master Gardeners and Google Earth to collect data and chart on google earth the locations on private property, public land and park open space where SOD is found or where there are no infected areas.  (See the colored Google Earth Map at the end of these emails).  The map indicates where there is infestation and where there is none.
This is a pilot program for the rest of the nation to limit public access to public lands.  People WILL obey for FEAR of spreading the contaminants to other areas and will relinquish access to parks and ALL areas that are deemed contaminated.
It is important to understand that these meetings have been scripted in advance, and have a predetermined outcome “designed” to give the public the idea they are hearing real scientific evidence, and they are not.  The public is intentionally being steered to believe that the science is REAL, the facts have been evaluated and the determinations are in . . .this is not the case.
Notes taken during the one hour meeting of 6/15/13 are as follows:
SOD (Sudden Oak Death) has been identified as a MOLD called Phytophthora ramorum (P. ramorum).  The ideal climate – wet, mild, 66 degrees and the pathogen grows in May and June.  The Bay Laurels are the host trees, the carrier of the MOLD.  However, the presenter master gardener said they did not really know, yet, how far inland the MOLD contamination will show up and that is what they are still investigating.  They said even though going further inland would become hotter than what they currently described as ideal temperature of 66 degrees for mold growth they were still investigating to see how much further inland the mold would grow.  This would then change the parameters of the defined temperatures and moisture conditions described for the coastal regions and expand the mold infestation inland.
We were told the infestation, mold, was spread by rain and wind to the trees.  We also were informed that the disease started in the 1990’s and is found in dense forest.
We were told that this MOLD was brought into the Western Hemisphere from South East Asia by Rhododendrons (a plant).
My Comment:  This is the cover story and disguises the reality and effects of the Global Geoengineering Program
This data collection campaign is promoted as a “citizens science project”. . Local citizens are being conscripted to identify as many  symptomatic and uninfected trees in as many areas within a two day period as possible. After gathering the evidence as stipulated in the UC Berkeley collection material packets which, also, include GPS location requirements of infected and uninfected properties the leaf samples would be picked up and delivered to the UC Berkeley’s lab by the Master Gardeners.  NO more time is given for the data collection than two days, Sat. 6/15 and Sun. 6/16/13 (Fathers Day) . . . Interesting!  They say the reason for the limited two day period is because most people are more able to participate on the weekends.
We were told leaf collections are NOT allowed to be taken on any federally owned property, county parks or state owned lands.  When asked why – we were told the park agencies would “not give permission”. (Note:  Later after the meeting was over we submitted a note, because the master gardeners were gone, asking for clarification of denial by federal park agencies, and to date we have not received a reply to our question).  Again, we were told NOT to collect leaves from federally owned property, county parks or state parks  . . . .
When asked who requested this program and where the funding came from we were told – U.S. Forestry and grants. . When asked exactly where the grant money came from they did not know.  (Not part of the meeting, my note – We MUST demand to see who signed the grants and what the conditions are.  Grants are contracts/agreements and bribes.)
It was recommended that the citizens collecting the leaf samples let property owners know it’s FREE and will help to identify and prevent the spread of SOD.  The question was asked, “what about legal issues when identifying infected properties and how that would possibly effect property values”?  The answer from the master gardner was something like this, “well let the owner know and maybe they would not want this information taken to the lab or placed on Google Earth, especially if they wanted to sell their property”.
More importantly, this SOD Blitz 2013 Collection Campaign warns that when infected properties are found all citizen tree mold leaf collectors are to decontaminate their shoes and tools before going to the next property by using bleach and a brisk brush.  Any pathogens on car tires, shoes or tools would cause further spreading of the MOLD . . Once an area is infected with the mold it is permanently infected.  When an infected tree falls it cannot be removed from the property and must remain on the property to prevent the contamination from spreading. .We are to TAG infected trees with blue tape.
A startling admission was told us by the master gardner – 100% of all native plants will likely to be effected . . .
SOD was found in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco!  Upon investigation they located an infected plant in new landscaping in the yard of a home across from the park.  They advised the owners and they removed the plant. What does all this mean?  Will areas be restricted from public access in order to prevent the mold from spreading? Those questions were avoided or unknown at this time.
The master gardeners briefly spoke about management of the infestation.  Spray the infected trees with a product once a year or so.  Expensive and would not be guaranteed to save the trees.
Again, when the master gardeners were asked about the effects of the chemtrails, they said they did not want to hear anything about that.
My Comment:
Is this ultimately privatization of AIR?  Are regulations and use of “air” being used for private corporate profit?  Our safe “air” has been already hijacked by the Telecom Industry, utilities, WiFi providers, and the Geoengineering aka Chemtrailing mega corporations and mega bankers.  They are exploiting the AIR for private use and profit while damaging DNA from the amped up artificial frequencies and deforestation with costly treatment schemes.  It is much worse then this . . .  Obviously, there have been no disclosures or oversight committees and no informed consent by the citizens.  The very air we all need to survive has been sold to the highest bidder.
These are “secret” programs and we are not to see what we see!  And all those agencies tell us we don’t see what we see.
Further, it is important to note that Alan Chesterman, Master Gardner of Sonoma County refused to give his contact information.  He referred additional questions to the U.C. Berkeley Scientist, Matteo Garbelotto at
Comparisons from last years meeting of 2012 . . All the meetings this year were scheduled at various locations all at the same time.  Where last years meetings were scheduled at different times so you could participate in both meetings.
Last year UC Berkeley representatives denied knowing anything about the geoengineering program and acted like it was a crazy idea and the program didn’t exist.  This year they did not deny but said their evaluations did not include geoengineering.
We are ALL in great danger . . . and the promotion of misinformation is to allow further pollution to continue by the secret programs designed by the globalist to cause terror and fear to gain submission and “control” of the masses, us. (or as they call us, cattle).
California is a pilot program working with the U.S. Forestry Service, UC Berkeley (a major university) and Master Gardeners to promote a political agenda that will involve reduced public access into open space, leading to land theft based on false science, and false science to deflect and hide the REAL agenda and results of the Geoengineering program.
It was a clever plan to enlist neighbors in the neighborhood to identify infected trees and “report” to the massive data global machine controlled by the bankers called, Google . . .
Imagine what it will look like when entire communities are labeled “infected” and travel could spread the mold and infect other trees.  Sounds like UN Agenda 21 aka Future Earth plans to limit travel.
As this pilot program branches out of California into other states different trees or shrubs will become the host contaminator and another tree will be the obvious victim. . .
We must follow up on the US Forestry Service and grant funding – We MUST demand to see who signed the grants and what the conditions are.  Grants are contracts/agreements and bribes. .
Monsanto and the Geoengineering program are positioning to control the seeds and the global food supply, and this is only one of the many layers designed into the Geoengineering assault . . .
We know the globalists cause the problem and then develop a toxic solution.  Therefore, we must expect that they will develop an aerosol spraying program that could best be accomplished by an aersol, for best coverage and results to “help” control the spread of the Mold . .
This is political and not real science . . for the benefit of agendas that are aimed at not only crashing our property values, but will ultimately “take” your private property away. .  Think not?  Go to and look at the Wildlands Project and the Map and goals this is a Biodiversity Treaty by executive order mandated by the United Nations. .
But it’s far worse than this . . The plan is to massively reduce the global population and that is what is being achieved, right now.  They want us DEAD . . .
UC Berkeley and the Master Gardners are willfully participating in and shielding the TRUTH of the REAL cause of the SOD.  They know that the metals from the heavy metal aerial dumps (Chemtrails) are clogging the root systems which then cannot supply the water an nutrients needed to sustain plant life.  They are denying the fact that the Geoengineering programs are causing the trees to DYE.  They know.  Rosalind Peterson of presented all parties with the documents showing what was causing the tree decline, several years ago.  She apparently trusted that the information would be welcomed to STOP the tree decline.  However, we now know and have heard both UC Berkeley and the master gardeners publicly deny, during the meeting, knowing “anything” about the Geoengineering program when they had previously been given the information.  They have intentionally ignored all the evidence, reports, documents and studies.  UC Berkeley and the Master Gardeners remain silent to the evil of this sinister program and are directly involved and responsible for the continued massive pollution of our air, water, soil, vegetation and all living things on the planet.  These agencies must be held accountable for the crimes they are committing and we must EXPOSE these treasonous groups before the very air we all need to breathe is so polluted we all DYE, too. . .
We must come up with a plan of offense before our open spaces are quietly closed in our cities . . Just an idea and just maybe
we should suggest closing Golden Gate Park in San Francisco since we were told SOD contamination was found there and once contaminated it’s contaminated. This location is known worldwide and there would be nothing quiet about the discussion of closing this park due to contamination/infestation.  We do not want SOD mold spread to other parts of California by visitors walking throughout Golden Gate Park.   Further, California cannot afford the liability of causing the spreading of the MOLD to other states or countries, and especially since San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is an International tourist destination.  We must demand immediate closure and denial of public access, NOW.  Certainly, at the very least there should be a quarantine of the park.
SOD is being used to distract from the real cause of tree decline, geoenginerring aka Chemtrails.  UC Berkeley and the master gardeners are providing disinformation to further the crimes being committed by the toxic aerial spraying program.
Our AIR is being used as a weapon and sold for profit . . . Air is the very “first” requirement we must have for survival . .
Why are the universities, UC Berkeley, doing political science and taking grants and working with the U.S. Forestry Service?
Very important to read “Silent Weapons Quiet Wars” on a source documents state their are the stated goals and the real goals
Resources presented during the meeting:
USDA an agency of USA,Inc. free publication
Finally, we will continue to send out emergency alerts from California on the advancements and tactics we face by the lawless corrupt corporate banking schemes as they emerge.  It is important to note that most major universities are funded by the military and the globalists which are committing crimes under the doctrine of United Nations Agenda 21 aka Future Earth . . .AGENDA
(If you have not watched or read the “Iron Mountain Report” then you will not understand the plans that are now rapidly unfolding.)
Submitted by,
Deborah Tavares
The following emails were sent out to activists that were being asked to attend the SOD meetings here in Northern California.  Attached below you will also find the Meeting announcement about the SOD Meeting, which was emailed from UC Davis, in California.  HUM? UC Davis is complicit, too. . . .