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The Intelligence Report published by the Southern Poverty Law Lie Center is out!  On these lists of 21150explosionsupposed threats to the government are the Oathkeepers, Democrats Against Agenda 21 (I am a member!) Post Sustainability Institute,  The Tenth Amendment Center, We Are Change, We The People and many other pro-American and Constitutionally based organizations originating from multiple political philosophies.  SPLC has decided that patriot groups who support the Constitution and are pro-American, are a threat to the nation.  So much so that they compiled these lists of people and groups who scare them really, really bad…..and they send these lists over to any of the federal agencies who spy on us, compile dossiers on all of us and who want to put drones in our skies to watch all of us, I suppose with the thinking that if they keep tattling on others no one will be watching them.

According to SPLC , its magazine the Intelligence Report is the nation’s preeminent periodical monitoring the radical right in the U.S.  The only problem is…….there are just as many on the left and in the middle who are determined to preserve our liberty and our republic and who find the activities of the likes of SPLC to be a cancer on the nation.  This mixing of political ideals seems to pass by those big thinkers at SPLC.

It is our constitutional right!

Who ever thought we would see the day in this country, that advocating for the Constitution, for fundamental freedoms and liberty would be deemed a threat…to the government.  And why would SPLC decide that pro-liberty, anti United Nations interference in our country, and the refusal of law officers and military personal to violate our rights, to possibly use lethal force against us…… as something that represents a threat?  A threat to whom?

We have fundamental liberties that include the right to freely assemble, to freely associate, to travel freely between the states and the freedom of speech, among many others.  The lists SPLC has compiled is viciously opposed to the exercise of these freedoms unless it is in correlation with their philosophy……..whatever that actually is.

An Uber wealthy “non-profit”

The Southern Poverty Law Lie Center had an illustrious history at one time.  Founded primarily to fight for civil rights, the SPLC has devolved into a modern day electronic propaganda machine that peddles disinformation for the government and makes a truckload of money doing it.  This so-called “non-profit” corporation now has net assets as of 2012 ending, of $256,554,758.

From SPLC pages:

The Southern Poverty Law Center is the country’s most effective nonprofit organization fighting dangerous extremist groups. We’ve documented a staggering 1,007 hate groups operating in our country — a nearly 70% increase since 2000.

Actually the SPLC is the country’s most lucrative non-profit dedicated to creating fictional threats out of thin air and, it is by far one of the most dangerous extremist groups operating at this time.  SPLC exists today as a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republic and advocates ferociously for an end to it.  That is what is staggering.

In truth, the Southern Poverty Law Lie Center has documented very few actual so-called [hate groups].  There are the usual suspects, i.e., the Aryan Brotherhood, etcetera, and instead have focused on those who support the Constitution and who object to the infringement of rights secured by that document.

In all of the SPLC rantings there is not one word about the Constitution, the rule of law, the infringement on fundamental liberties under the phony “war of terror”.  It is obvious from their own words that [government] versus the Constitution is the crux of their argument.  SPLC obviously pandering to and preferring [government] in lieu of the Constitution and the attached fundamental liberties and protections it provides the everyday individual.  SPLC is from their own positions, writings and activities, decidedly un-American and should be held accountable for fostering and promoting obvious anti-American, anti-Constitutional sentiments.

Being pro-Constitution and fighting to preserve its existence and integrity is not a crime.

It does not in any sense mean that those who want constitutional law and order, restrictions on the government, and who advocate for political candidates the SPLC is apparently terrified of, makes any of us an anarchist (SPLC should look up what that word really means) or that we want to overthrow the government.  We are not anti-government……..just anti really bad, unconstitutional  government, which is what we have now.

The SPLC identifies as “anti-government” anyone who believes we should restore the Constitution, reel in these corrupt government agencies, hold congress accountable to the people and not to corporations and who advocate for the rule of law as opposed to dictatorial government proclamations and assaults on the Constitution.

Someone needs to explain carefully to these myopic and otherwise unemployable yahoo’s at SPLC, that some of the groups are right wing, some are left wing, some are both and some are neither, but all support a return to the Constitution and the end to the government intrusion into our daily lives under the rubric of “keeping us safe”.

The Intelligence Project compiled by really ignorant people?

The Intelligence Project identified 1,360 anti-government “Patriot” groups that were active in 2012.

Generally, Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the “New World Order,” engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, (Like Fast & Furious? the IRS Scandal? Benghazi?) or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines. (Like the militarization of law enforcement? Total surveillance of the population? Civil rights violations? ExPost Facto laws? False flag attacks?) Listing here does not imply that the groups themselves advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, or are racist. (But we want you to believe they do, otherwise there would have been no point in constructing these lengthy lists of people we never met and don’t know)

The list was compiled from field reports, Patriot publications, the Internet, law enforcement sources and news reports. (We were far too afraid to actually go out and interview these people we targeted and we make these allegations with absolutely no evidence whatsoever other than negative rumors we collected or information from the net that we simultaneously declare to be conspiracy theories if it doesn’t fit our agenda)  (Comments in RED are MINE!!)

It is somewhat ironic for the Southern Poverty Law Lie Center to speak about groundless conspiracies.  It is quite evident from their lists, that it is they who engage in groundless conspiracy thinking as is evidenced by their massive list of groups they claim are a threat.  These lists garnered, by their own admission, from behind the safety of their monitors and basically amount to hearsay and rumor.  But these same lists and all other information, whether true or not, are handed to the federal government in bundles.

Notice that SPLC does not say one word about the extreme anti-constitutionalist’s that populate our own government and courts.  Neither do they admit openly their own anti-American unconstitutional activities or their obvious contempt for our Constitutional Republic.  According to SPLC, if you are not compliantly pro-government, you must be targeted, castigated, marginalized, and every effort must be made to condition the public to think that you are someone to be feared if not rejected.  (STOP! I am so scared now!)  It would seem that SPLC is totally unfamiliar with the Constitutional concepts that say it is our duty to keep the government in check and that it is our duty to protect and preserve our freedom.

In the end…..

In summary, let me say that I totally support the efforts of Oathkeepers, The Tenth Amendment Center, Democrats Against Agenda 21, and any other Patriot Group who insists that we are a sovereign people ruled by the Constitution for the United States.  I admire and support those who speak up, take a stand and who fight to protect and serve and preserve our country.

I admire them most because no one had to pay them $256,554,758 to do it.   But that in a nutshell is the difference between integrity, genuine belief and purpose, as opposed to those who do not subscribe to those things and who are in it for the $$$$!