The Groundbreaking new book: NOT In the Child’s Best Interest will show you how to protect your rights.

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE This book is desperately needed BECAUSE:

  •  Divorce Courts will NOT protect your rights if you don’t demand it.
  •  Divorce Attorneys will NOT tell you how to preserve your parental rights in
  •  divorce.
  •  Most Divorce lawyers do NOT know how to preserve your parental rights in
  •  divorce.
  • Child custody laws and family law codes violate your constitutional rights
  • by default.

Stop the winner take all slug fest. Deny the Judge any authority to restrict or  deny your parental rights. Put your child’s best interest first by ensuring that you remain an equal parent in your child’s life.



If you want to keep your rights to your child, you can try trusting the default winner take all system and blindly follow your divorce lawyer’s lead. You may or may not get a fair shot at getting custody. You may or may not be in a county that supports equal rights for parents. Some counties favor women and deny fathers rights in custody battles. Some counties overcompensate for gender neutrality and deny women’s rights to custody. Without a gender bases for deciding custody, the decision comes down to the arbitrary and capricious whim of your judge. If the Judge doesn’t like you under these rules then you are simply out of luck!

Hope and protection come in the form of the U.S. Constitution and the long history of Supreme Court opinions that support parental rights. These authors have studied over 100 United States Supreme Court cases going all the way back to the eighteen hundreds to understand the source of parental rights under the constitution. This book cites over 90 of these cases and several cases from Federal Appellate Courts, and State Supreme Courts. Although this is a heavily cited and professionally written book, It is written to be easily read by non-attorneys and to be accessible for parents in divorce. This book is much more than simply the authors’ opinions. It is chock full of cogent constitutional arguments tied directly to the Supreme Court’s own words. This book tells the Supreme Court’s history of opinions on parental rights from the perspective of divorcing parents focused on their particular concerns.

There are only three things that give a Judge authority to limit or take away your parental rights, all of which the State MUST prove, and none of which are appropriate in a Divorce Proceeding. Do you know what those three things are? Inside this book you will learn about the false “best interests of the child” standard that Judges wrongly use impose their moral, religious, and political values in child custody without any fear of being overturned on appeal. What is the correct interpretation and how do you argue that effectively? If you want the terror of child custody hearings to end then you need to get the knowledge and seize the authority that is rightfully yours as a parent in America.

If you are already a non-custodial parent and have not been proven unfit, you will discover the basis for restoring your parental rights. You can modify your custody arrangement based on constitutional violations backed by specific references to U.S. Supreme Court precedent. You don’t need a constitutional amendment to restore your rights, you only need to have studied over 100 Supreme Court cases and synthesized their meaning. Or, if you want to take the easier route, you can get the story in this book from the authors who have done this for you already.

NOT In the Child’s Best Interest is a book that empowers parents to protect their constitutional parental rights, and their fundamental liberty interests in the care, custody, and control over their child. Learn how as a fit parent your determination of your child’s best interests trumps that of the judge every time. Learn the constitutional rules for when a court can take your fundamental parental rights and when they can’t. What are those three things that the State MUST prove? Find out why the divorce court doesn’t have this authority unless you give it to them.



  • Did you foolishly believe that your Parental rights would be protected in divorce
  • Have you spent tens of thousands of dollars in a futile effort to keep your child?
  • Divorce Courts ARE violating our constitutional rights
  • Attorneys WILL NOT tell you about this!
  • Divorce Courts ARE hurting our children!
  • Divorce Courts ARE acting without constitutional authority!
  • They get away with it BECAUSE you do not fight them properly!


This book, NOT In the Child’s Best Interest, will show you what your constitutional rights are and where they come from. It will show you how Divorce Courts are able to violate your child custody rights, at will, because parents don’t understand these basic facts about parental rights. Most importantly, this book will give you the power to be a parent even if the divorce court judge doesn’t like you.

Your right to the care, custody and control over your child is a Fundamental Liberty, just as your right to free speech is, or your right to freedom of religion is a Fundamental Liberty. Your child has the right to associate with you and to have you as a parent, not a visitor, in their life. You and your child have privacy rights in your family life that are between you and your child as individuals. They do NOT come from the marriage, and, if you are a natural parent, they do NOT come from the Government. NO Divorce Court Judge can properly take these rights away from you or your child unless YOU let them.

Knowledge is Power!

Know your Rights!

Defend your Rights Effectively!

Remain an equal parent to your child!