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Here is another way to stop the FCC from ignoring public health issues. If Thomas Wheeler heads the FCC it will be the fox guarding the henhouse…

Please sign this petition to US Senators: Reject Obama’s nomination of Thomas Wheeler to head the FCC

Reject President Obama’s nomination of Thomas Wheeler to head the FCC

President Obama could not have picked a worse nominee than Tom Wheeler to head the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Wheeler has obvious industry ties and conflicts of interest:

• Wheeler chaired the CTIA, the Wireless Association, which includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile;

• Wheeler chaired the National Cable Television Association, which includes Comcast, Time Warner, and others;

• Wheeler is the director of Core Capital Partners LP, a venture capital firm that manages $350 million in the high-growth technology sector- they rely on friendly regulation at the FCC;

• Wheeler raised millions of dollars for Obama’s presidential campaign;

• Wheeler is listed on Fierce Wireless’ top ten list of people who helped shape the wireless industry.

The FCC regulates the nation’s airwaves and all communications plus its accompanying infrastructure. The FCC sets the “safety” standards for radio frequency radiation (RF) used in all wireless devices. The standards are inadequate and obsolete because they do not address long term health effects, and they were created before cell towers, cell phones, wi-fi and “smart” meters.

Importantly, the FCC is set to update these RF “safety” standards soon. With trillions of wireless products in use today, babies, children, adults, animals, the environment, and future generations are all at risk from chronic exposure to wireless radiation based on inadequate safety standards.

With a wireless industry leader as the head of the FCC there’s little chance for safe oversight. These crucial decisions will threaten us for decades to come.


• Authors of the BioInitiative Report, science and public policy experts signed a letter to US Senators urging them to reject Wheeler stating,

Mr. Wheeler should not be in charge of the nation’s safety standards and deployment for a technology he promotes without regard to public health and safety…”

The World Health Organization classifies wireless as a possible carcinogen, same as DDT and lead!

• Read B. Blake Levitt’s commentary,

” Why the Senate Should Reject Tom Wheeler- Another Industry Crony at the FCC?”

Here’s where to sign:  Reject Thomas Wheeler

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