Join us Sunday May 12th, 2013 at 7:00pm CST!


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Join us this evening as we pay tribute in the first hour, to all the mothers now being held in isolation, forcibly medicated, while their estates are looted by court sanctioned predators.

How many of these mothers died while praying to be reunited with their loved ones?

Please, take a moment this evening and call in and give your mother’s name and a brief history. 

In the second hour, Nancy Grant will join us to discuss Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) a rapidly growing movement across the country dedicated to ending the death grip of the BAR Association on our courts, and ending judicial corruption on all levels.

These elitists that corrupt our courts must be brought down and the rule of law not only restored, but adhered to.  The BAR Association is the largest closed union shop in the country, and the wealthiest. It also controls and condones the judicial misconduct occurring daily in courtrooms across the country.


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