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The letter below was received from Rep. Collin Peterson, 7th District, Minnesota.  Peterson’s 1267436152letter details his love of gmo’s and his belief that no science exist to substantiate the claims that gmo is harmful to human health.  With numerous countries around the world banning the use of gmo seeds, the importing of gmo products into their countries, and the massive number of scientific studies that were actually done to document the threat to the environment and public health that these frankenfood creations are causing, it appears Mr. Peterson is oblivious to all.  Makes you wonder what planet this guy is on. 

Mr. Peterson’s comments are in black.

My responses are in blue.


Dear Mr. Oakley:

Thank you for contacting my office about genetically engineered foods. I appreciate hearing from you.

Dear Mr. Peterson:  I doubt that you appreciate hearing from me or anyone else who isn’t on the bio-piracy wagon.  I am fully aware that this is a very lucrative association for you , not only politically, but personally as well.

Since the first genetically engineered crops became commercially available in the mid-1990s, U.S. soybean, cotton, and corn farmers have rapidly adopted them.

Farmers have not rapidly adopted genetically engineered crops unless you considered being coerced, bullied, terrorized, threatened with lawsuits or finding that bio-pirates such as Monsanto have monopolized the market and have the Supreme Court of The United States firmly in their pocket and also a cushy little seat in the White House to protect their interests, willing adoption of these crops.

Since that time there has been no scientific evidence suggesting that these crops are harmful.

This is a blatantly false statement on so many levels it is hard to know where to start to start to correct your thinking or your intentional ignorance of all the studies done on these crops which not only suggest, but prove, scientifically, that these crops represent not only a threat to bio-diversity, but to the human body as well. 

As an Example from : The Institute of Science in Society

In 2003, dozens of scientists from around the world joined us in ISIS to form the Independent Science Panel, and produced a report,

The Case for A GM-Free Sustainable World [4], documenting all the problems and hazards of GM crops as well as the successes and benefits of non-GM sustainable agriculture. The report was republished within a year, translated into many languages and widely circulated. We presented the report to the European Parliament in 2004 [5] (Keep GM Out of Europe, SiS 24), with the help of Jill Evans MEP.

In 2007, we updated the ISP report with a dossier containing more than 160 fully referenced articles from the archives of ISIS’ magazine Science in Society, spelling out the scandals of serious hazards ignored, scientific fraud, the regulatory sham and violation of farmers’ rights [6] (GM Science Exposed: Hazards Ignored, Fraud, Regulatory Sham, Violation of Farmers Rights). Duped farmers in India are driven to suicide in hundreds of thousands. GM science is a crime against humanity.

In a scientific review paper [7] (GM Food Nightmare Unfolding in the Regulatory Sham), we documented how national and international regulators and advisory bodies such as the European Food Safety Authority have been ignoring the precautionary principle (which is accepted by the European Commission), abusing science, sidestepping the law, and helping to promote GM technology in the face of evidence piling up against the safety of GM food and feed.”


Additionally, all foods must meet the same rigorous federal safety standards regardless of whether or not they are genetically engineered. For these reasons I do not oppose genetically engineered foods.

Another blatantly false statement, as you well know.   USDA has given bio-pirates a virtual free pass on their frankenseeds and in fact, colluded with them to develop and patent the terminator seeds they are attempting to market now.  The USDA conducted NO SUCH STUDIES on gmo crops and instead, accepted the flawed, skewed and intentionally misleading and limited studies presented to them by the bio-pirates, fully aware that the studies were a total misrepresentation of the actual threat these seeds and crops posed to the environment and to human health.  GMO’s were given the GRAS seal….generally regarded as safe.

None of the GMOs produced have had adequate testing and no company can or will supply results of any such testing and neither can the USDA. New crops of corn and soybeans have been shown to cause sterility in livestock.

Patents were issued to bio-pirates such as Monsanto based on the premise that the genetically altered and now deadly results were so vastly different from the original germ plasm, that in essence a new life form had been created.

USDA then claimed that there was no substantial difference between the frankenplant and the original germ plasm, that they were essentially the same and gave them the GRAS seal.

So which is it Mr. Peterson? 

Are the frankenseeds and plants vastly different? So much so that a patent could be issued?


Are they essentially the same as the original and therefore no patent should have issued?

I mention Monsanto here because I know how close you are to them and that you have worked tirelessly to promote their business and products, while simultaneously trying to convince farmers in Minnesota that you are working for them. 

H.R. 933, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, funds the federal government through Fiscal Year 2013. The provision you reference, Section 735, allows farmers to continue planting previously approved genetically modified crops while legal challenges play out in the court system.

HR 933, Section 735 does allow farmers to continue planting gmo crops… makes gmo crops virtually the only thing they can plant as in most areas gmo seed by one or two bio-piracy corporations is all that is available.  

Instead of being held liable for the damage caused by the drifting and uncontrollable gmo seeds, or being held liable for cleanup and decontamination caused by the unwanted appearance of frankenplants on private land, bio-pirates such as Monsanto have bribed their way through state and federal government agencies and congresses and have gotten the law they wanted.  That law holds the unwitting farmer liable for damages for spontaneous growth of  plants from gmo crops that invaded his land, contaminated his non-gmo crops,   and we got the Monsanto Protection Racket a.k.a., Section 735.

GMO crops qualify as invasive species…neither natural to nor conducive to bio-diversity.  These genetically altered abominations are bred to be invasive and quickly begin overtaking natural plants and weeds.  (You did know we have a huge problem with super-weeds here in Minnesota, didn’ t you?)  Planting these invasive crops will result in the eventual growth of mono-cultures which will further damage food supplies, and wildlife. These super weeds are a result of contamination from aggressive gmo’s…..imagine what is going on in your body as after you eat this crap. 

Thank you again for contacting me, and I appreciate hearing your views. For more information and updates visit my website at and sign up for my e-newsletter.


Thank you for stating publicly that you support bio-piracy and letting us know that either you haven’t done your homework, or, you just aren’t about to cut those lucrative ties to biotech.  Of course you are the same representative that promised you would ram the National Animal Identification System down every farmer and ranchers throat when you headed up the AG Committee.  You were the same candidate who posted ads across the net saying that you were protecting the public from rising food prices…….meaning you were actively working to prevent more human treatment of poultry which would have caused a 10cent increase in the price of a dozen eggs.  We know your track record and we know who you work for……..and it isn’t the people in your district, or anywhere else for that matter.

MS. Marti Oakley