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Danny Tate is a successful singer/songwriter who was conserved in an ex-parte hearing in Judge Randy Kennedy’s court in Nashville, TN.  (Judge Kennedy is the only probate judge in that county — so all probate matters go through him.)  Danny wasn’t given notice of the hearing and Kennedy put him in a “temporary conservatorship” — a court-ordered hell (to quote an article that was written about the case) that lasted for 2.5 years.  Danny was “freed” in 2010 but not really – the conservatorship has kept an ugly hold on Danny’s finances to this day.

It’s a Ripleys Believe it or Not type of case because not only did the conservatorship consume Danny’s over $2 mil estate, it plunged him into spiraling debt.  Last year, the court ordered Danny’s home to be auctioned off to pay the ravenous lawyers – and guess who bought it?  Danny’s own former lawyer – and at a very reduced rate.

Danny is unique because most victims of guardianship abuse are elderly and unable to speak up. Danny’s a walking, talking survivor – and he’s got a lot to say!


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