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The anarchists on CRAPitol Hill

We all have the carefully constructed vision of what anarchy looks like.  We have allowed ourselves to become convinced that anarchists are wild looking radicals, brandishing guns, riding motorcycles; with their shaven heads and/or long flowing unwashed beards and tattooed women. We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that they are just looking for a reason to overthrow the government of the United States. stupid (Gasp!!) If they don’t fit into this scenario, we are still equally convinced that they (the unknown anarchists) are plotting some kind of violent overthrow and that they hate government in all its forms.  Should all 20 or so actual anarchists ever get together in one spot…….why, there is no telling what will happen!  It will be chaos!  Blood will run in the streets and no one will be safe from these wild-eyed haters of government who want nothing more than to terrorize the rest of us with their lawlessness!

Actually, we do know who the anarchists are.  And they are gathered in one spot and there are far more of them than we ever imagined. They wear suits and designer dresses and ride in limo’s.  They live, eat and breath at our expense.  We call it the District of Criminals….Washington D.C., They are the gang on CRAPitol Hill!  Supposed elected officials, representatives, senators, all of whom are nothing more than modern day anarchists.  No one hates our constitutional republic more than they do and this is reflected and made evident by not only what they say, but what they do.  It is this body that seeks to overthrow our government and who seeks to live above the law or absent of law, as some special class of people that rules do not apply to.  And they are bringing their wealthy corporate sponsors with them in their attempts to establish full blown anarchy.

There are several groups of anarchists who operate as government agencies and corporations all of whom have co-opted our judicial system and rendered the law, moot.  These groups and agencies also seek to overthrow the constitutional republic and establish themselves as not only above the law, but also as the creators of new rules and regulations, none of which apply to them.  Is this not anarchy?

It is these people only, who can create lawlessness, corrupt our government, and terrorize the public while simultaneously shredding the constitution.

Will the real anarchist’s please stand up?

The general consensus on what anarchy is, is that it is a belief in no government whatsoever; a state of violent lawlessness.  Historically, anarchy is far different than what we have been carefully trained to believe it is.  Even so, it begs the questions, “Using today’s definition of anarchy,….

  • Who in actuality, is promoting the violent overthrow of our Constitutional Republic?
  • Who is advocating violence, intimidation and the harassment of the people?
  • Who actually has the power and the ability to overthrow our constitutional republic?
  • Who or what is arming itself to the teeth in anticipation of a pre-planned attack on the public?
  • Who created TSA and began the physical assault and molestation of travelers, including small children and babies?
  • Who is in a position to actually affect radical changes in the law or,
  • to take away our protections and rights afforded in the constitution?
  • Who has allowed and encouraged our judicial system to violate our rights, ignore the Constitution and to become a clear and present danger to the actual rule of law?
  • Who has developed microwave weapons to use on the American public should they become too persistent in their demands to retain their freedom?
  • Who has armed our local law enforcement agencies with military weapons, tanks and grenade launchers for use against local communities?

Answer:  It ain’t you babe! You don’t have the kind of clout!

The answer to all of these questions and many more not listed, is that it is those who occupy positions inside these agencies and corporations who seek to overthrow our constitutional republic in favor of their brand of anarchy are the real anarchists.  They hate the government as it exists, or did exist.

We need to dispel this notion that wild bands of anarchists are roaming about the country attempting to create chaos and lawlessness.  There are no wild bands to speak of.  Most anarchists are easily identified by the uniform they wear, the badge they are sporting, or the office they hold.  Others brandish a corporate ID that signifies the level of anarchy they are willing to engage in.

We are on the verge of full scale anarchy, but this version of anarchy hides behind public offices and position and behind corporate actors.  These are the people who hate our government and are attempting to overthrow the republic.  And these are the only people who have the power, control and intent to do so.