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In my opinion……

As someone long ago said, “If God wanted us to vote, He would have given us candidates worth voting for”.  I have no idea who might have originally said that, but I have concluded they were absolutely right.  I find dyingfreedom1myself wondering if God is not up in heaven somewhere laughing his holy behind off over the joke that is our political system.  Could be God is just so tired of us!

As a gentleman in the midst of his senior years, I find myself somewhat thankful for my advanced age.  I most likely will not live to see the end results of the traitorous conduct by all factions of the political system and, the absolute ruination of this once great country.  I do not believe my soul could stand it.  I did not serve my country to see her end this way; but end she will if we do not stop the cancer that is [federal government] from eating away at the core of our nation.

Watching the successive efforts by both Democrats and Republicans to deconstruct, to disassemble, to destroy, to bastardize, the very things that made us great, is heartbreaking to watch.  We elected these people in good faith and they have returned that good faith by being the most worthless, greedy and horrible people imaginable.  There is not, in my opinion, even one of the lot them worth another day in office.

What happened to you?

It is astonishing to me to see my own countrymen turning on one another.  It seems these days that all that is necessary to become a traitor to our country, to our communities, is to don a government uniform, or carry a government badge and set about terrorizing and harassing our fellow Americans.  There is no honor in what these men and women do; they have simply become drunk on the unfettered power, the ability to torment, torture, harass and terrorize their fellow citizens.  We can see that they enjoy what they are doing and for most of us the site is enough to sicken even the most hardened among us.

But we, as a country, go even further than this. 

When the corruption on Wall Street and in the banking system was exposed, instead of screaming for the heads of those who had and who are causing the never before seen housing crisis, we did not turn on the crooks and thieves who committed the crimes.  No.  We turned on our friends and neighbors, others in our communities who had been the victim of predatory lenders.  We turned on those whose jobs suddenly vanished,  those whose homes were suddenly no longer their own.  These same people whom we told to pull them selves up, to take responsibility for their lives and who had tried to do so were castigated and despised.  We decided that for some reason they should not have gotten the home they had. We also decided that even though the government admitted there was only one job opening for every 5-6 applicants, people just didn’t want to work.  How did we conclude that?  Common sense should tell us that our conclusion was wrong!

It could not possibly have been that the system was corrupted and the crooks and thieves had staged this coup which not only dispossessed hundreds of thousands of earnest home owners but shook our economy to its core.  No sirree!  The guys at the top walked away with the land, the houses and the money!  And we turned on our fellow Americans and instead of working to defend them, instead of supporting and working with them, treated them as if they were lepers.

We also decided that as jobs disappeared and 23 million (and counting) formerly employed American workers could not find work….well….that was just because they were lazy and did not want to work. They just wanted a government hand out.  And anyone who tried to point out that their jobs had been shipped out to foreign labor markets that could be exploited, were quickly shouted down.  But that shouting has lessened as more and more Americans, formerly well employed, wake to find themselves not only jobless, but on the verge of losing their homes also.

The hostility of our “government”

On every level we are under attack.  I watch as my neighbors have begun meeting to discuss how to stop Agenda 21.  Myself and others tried to warn them years ago about this insidious plan to dispossess us as sovereign country, but of course…..we were just conspiracy theorists; flakes, lunatics, crazy people.  But now our cities are under the grip of ICLEI and the UN.  Now its a different story.  The federal “government” is funding ICLEI and Agenda 21 and they are doing it with our money.

To post anything on the net regarding Agenda 21 will elicit the usual attention of paid trolls and internet attackers.  Claiming there is no evidence of Agenda 21, these trolls and other shills leave comments to the effect that anyone who believes anything about Agenda 21 is crazy and delusional.  And yet……..our government has, for more than two decades funded many of the various aspects of Agenda 21.  The result is a steady decline in property ownership and rights, and a reduction in overall wealth across the country.  Fortunately, several states have recognized the threat of the United Nations operating under Agenda 21 and have outlawed anything having to do with it.

Even so, the apparent hostility of our federal government, whether Democrat or Republican controlled is palpable.  They despise us.  They view us as obstacles to whatever it is they want and at the same time they profit personally from insider trading, back room deals and generally selling us out while they vote against our best interests.  Too many of these elected officials who entered office as moderately comfortable financially, are now millioniares many times over.  All of it accumulated at the expense of the public.  Massive fortunes have been built upon lies, deception, betrayal and a total lack of morality and ethics.  They are parasites, sucking the life blood out of the country while they live luxuriously and pamper themselves and their families.

The fact is, they hate the very idea that we exist.  Their days are spent devising ways to render us dis-empowered, to legislate us into submission, to leave us destitute and without recourse or resources.

Every time we allow crooks and theives, thugs and liars to escape unscathed from the chaos they create, the theft they commit, the corruption they live for, we lose.  And, as long as they are able to turn us against each other, to keep us fighting and squabbling over pointless issues that have no possible beneficial outcome, as long as we view each other as the enemy and not them……..they win.