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Note: **Might I suggest that those who are illegally seeking to obtain a firearm contact the ATF or Eric Holder? After Fast & Furious, obviously the biggest gun runners in the country are working for the federal government. Oh! excuse me……gun “walkers”


The push to “back door” the UN Small Arms Treaty

The push to establish an (inter-)national gun registry that would mirror the UN Small Arms Treaty requirements meant to prohibit, limit and eventually make gun ownership untenable, has failed to pass the senate. The anger from the Obama Administration is palpable. This was supposed to be a done deal and would have relieved the president from issuing a clearly unconstitutional executive order, which now he is most likely to do. This will be a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment in order to acquiesce to the United Nations demands that the citizens of the United States forfeit their 2nd Amendment protections and givecontrol up their guns. It is a demand that the federal corporation that operates as [government] sees as quite advantageous in their efforts to dispense with any notion of a constitutional republic.

Lame Street Media was simply abuzz with feigned angry indignation at the Senate for voting down what was clearly meant to be the door opener for future assaults on the 2nd Amendment.

An early morning show on MSNBC that we like to call “Morning Blow” was a prime example of LSM’s efforts to sway public opinion, to anger the public and to denigrate the Senate. Senators were called “stupid” for refusing to condone what everyone surely knew to be the opening volley against gun rights. At one point, the claim was made that 90% of the public supported these bills.

This is an outright lie.

These bills had nowhere near that amount of support, and in fact, the public was heavily against any such bills knowing full well that these bills had nothing to do with making us safer, keeping guns out of criminals hands or any other such drivel promoted by those who fear an armed public.

To hear these talking potato heads talk…you would think that there is not one state with waiting periods to clear back ground checks in existence and you would think that absolutely everyone out here is clamoring to have their 2nd Amendment rights struck down.

Another lie.

Most states have a minimum of three days before a gun sale can be completed and possession of the gun can occur, and gun shows do not necessarily equate to immediate possession. In fact, I know of no states that do not have a back ground check accompanied by a waiting period. But it is important to make the public think and believe that tens of thousands of guns are sold willy nilly with no record of sales, no back ground checks, no waiting periods.

Considering the massive amount of surveillance that has been conducted on the American public as a result of the Patriot Acts and subsequent bills which further encroached on our right to be left alone, and when you consider the fact that the CIA has been assembling dossiers on absolutely every one, the likely-hood that a criminal would obtain a gun through these resources is nill to none. Criminals will go to other criminals to buy guns, they will not go to legal gun owners who abide by the law.

Note: **Might I suggest that those who are illegally seeking to obtain a firearm contact the ATF or Eric Holder? After Fast & Furious, obviously the biggest gun runners in the country are working for the federal government. Oh! excuse me……gun “walkers”. If you supplied guns to the drug cartels in Mexico you would be a “gun-runner” and federally prosecuted. If THEY provide guns to the drug cartels it is gun”walking”….sounds much nicer and softer. YOU would be prosecuted but THEY just don’t remember anything so nothing happens.

Color me surprised!

It must have come as a shock to realize that even after attempting to paint the NRA and other groups as “terrorists”, and even after exploiting the Newtown tragedy and any other tragedy in their arsenal of “this will scare you into giving up your rights”, these bills failed.

Think of this in the context of 9/11. A national tragedy was used by the Bush Crime Administration and the neo-cons to pass a bill they had prepared in advance of 9/11. The Patriot Act was the first outright attack on Constitutional rights and protections. The only time terrorism or terrorists are mentioned in the Patriot Act is when various aspects of our Constitutional protections were attacked and rendered void. We have seen the results of this attack in the creation of the Homeland Security Terrorism Department, the escalation in surveillance of the general population, the creation of TSA, the massive spy drone program, and the massive expansion of the federal machine….all to keep us safe of course. Only we aren’t safer.

Obviously in view of the continual national tragedy’s, either this isn’t working or this is not their actual intent and never was.

Now think about this: By nature, terrorists do not obey nor care about laws, otherwise they would not be terrorists. Name one terrorist (you can’t) who is living in fear of the Patriot Acts or any provision in them. So who was the target of the Patriot Acts? Was it a terrorist? Or was it YOU?

Maybe you are crazy!

These gun bills were meant to also open the door for the expansion of the mental health initiatives which would render virtually every one of us as having some form of mental disorder and which would of course require forced medication of not only adults, but also our children. In these fictional disorders is of course the “bio-chemical imbalance” myth.

Included in the final pages was the “we couldn’t tag you with any fictional mental disorder, disordernon-specific. Well that just about covers it!

In virtually every state, legislation was simultaneously submitted that would establish mental health clinics in our schools. A second piece of legislation was submitted to fund targeted mandatory medication of students. These bills coincided with the announcement of the DSM 5, a collection of 297 fictional and arbitrarily created mental disorders for which no testing, blood work, scan, or other scientific study can corroborate.

These are simply [observational assessments] based on the personal biases, opinions and possibly mental disorders exhibited by the observer. These would now follow your child for the rest of his/her natural life and of course will be used in the future to deny the right to own a firearm, among other things. So-called mental tests such as the MMPI 1 & 2# PSEUDOSCIENCE are set up so that no answer, or collection of answers will produce anything other than a mental disorder of some kind or degree.

These declarations of fictional mental disorders will also follow our children as they mature and apply for jobs, insurance and even advanced education. All of it based on unprovable, speculative “diagnosis’s” which will of course, require medication. Probably for life.

In the end….

I believe it is a credit to the senate that they were not bullied into passing what they knew to be an assault on the 2nd Amendment and that this assault had nothing to do with keeping any one of us safer from criminals or terrorists.

As it is, the Homeland Security Terrorism Department is arming itself to the teeth in preparation for some kind of aggressive action. Against whom? Against what? More than a billion rounds of ammunition purchased through HSTD? We obviously do have homegrown terrorism, and simply because it emanates from a government agency does not make it any less so.

The American public saw these attacks on the 2nd Amendment as exactly what they were; the beginning of the end of gun rights. No amount of laws, paperwork or surveillance will affect criminal activity. If an individual is intent on breaking a law, committing a horrendous crime or other despicable act, it would appear that constitutional attacks, legal obstacles and penalties are never part of the consideration.

The only people affected by gun laws, gun restrictions, and other legal obstacles are the very people who have committed no crime. The criminals in government engaging in gun procurement are the federales, and no one is willing to prosecute them or to contrive any legislation targeting them for their law-breaking.

Now that we know the biggest gun-runners/walkers/skippers are federal agencies and agents, and that the rest of us will be determined to be generationally mentally ill ….who ya gonna call? Let’s hear LSM feign indignant over that.