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Join us this evening April 23rd, 2013 at 7:00pm CST!


5:00pm PST … 6:00pm MST … 7:00pm CST … 8:00pm EST

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Co-host Beverly Newman reports the news about the retaliation against reporters of child abuse.

Beverly Newman will be reporting on the retaliation experienced by reporters of child abuse.  The Sandusky case is a prime example of years worth of reporting by victims and family members that were retaliated against for refusing to remain quiet about the abuse.

Did you know that you are in greater danger from reporting child abuse than if you remained silent?

We will be discussing:

  •   Targets and methods of retaliation against professionals.
  •   Retaliation against attorneys and journalists.

Joint State Government Commission on Child Protection in Pennsylvania outlining some of the charges filed against Sandusky and the retaliation against those who attemtpted to report him.

On the horizon:

Pennsylvania General assembly HB 404 bill regarding retaliation against reporters of child reporters of child reporters.