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Join us April 21st, 2013, at 7:00pm CST!

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Rebecca Em Campbell joins the show in what is sure to be an explosive interview loaded with useful information on various topics.  Among the issues to be discussed:

  •   Fascist DHS/police surveillance in American cities;
  •   The false flag operations being used to promote this;
  •   How the environmental movement has been hijacked thru quiet implementation of UN Agenda 21;
  •   The fact that a complete corporate coup of government at all levels in America has tacitly occurred, and,
  • How Democrats Against Agenda 21/Post-Sustainabilty Institute, Citizens for Property Rights, Campaign for Liberty and other citizens’ grassroots organizations, as well as the new worldwide OPPT and Occupy movements can help stop this thru effective transpartisan action.

Rebecca Em Campbell is broad-spectrum activist/artist who wears many hats — both literally and figuratively. She presently resides in Seattle, Washington State.


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