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new-logo25Guest Author:  Rebecca Campbell


Seattle now under DHS surveillance

1.  Victorian-style, solar-powered lamp lights, attached to the sides of existing streetlight/telephone poles or standing alone, are now in the process of being installed on all major street intersections/along all major streets in the business districts of all fifty neighborhoods of Seattle.  Arc streetlight heads are being removed, leaving their tall, arched metal poles with an odd, decapitated look.  These solar-powered lamp lights are found in at least four styles, mostly variations of black-and-white, but also including one with a red, pagoda-like look being placed in the International District.

2. This comes just after the revelation that thirty waterfront cameras had just been installed from Alki to644447_279163498881216_1340396609_n Ballard, along the length of Seattle’s waterfront, supposedly to protect the Port of Seattle from terrorist activity. This program was cancelled/corrected, after it was found that many of these cameras were pointed toward citizen walkways on land, rather than at the docks, where this alleged terrorist activity against the port was supposed to occur. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn also abruptly cancelled the DHS/SPD aerial drone surveillance program, against the wishes of the Seattle City Council majority. Investigation of DHS/SPD Waterfront Surveillance Cameras

Seattle Mayor Abruptly Cancels DHS/SPD Surveillance Cameras

3. Although these solar-powered lamplights are being portrayed by the City of Seattle as part of its Sustainable Development/Smart Cities Initiative, they are actually Intellilights,part of, and being funded by, the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS’) Operation Trapwire/Intellistreets, a massive new land-based citizen surveillance program to complement an air-based urban drone program that they plan to eventually implement throughout our country. Operation Trapwire is now being rolled out as pilot programs in Detroit, Pittsburgh and Baltimore, as well as Seattle.

Seattle/Tacoma Police Roll Out DHS-Funded “Predictive Policing” Surveillance Program

4. Large public construction projects, especially that of the massively ill-conceived, overrated and underfunded, allegedly green Central Link Light Rail, are being used as a cover under which these Intellilights, as well as new on-street surveillance cameras, are being placed at major neighborhood intersections, and along many major thoroughfares throughout Seattle.

Sierra Club Engineer Nominates Seattle’s Central Link Light Rail as Worst Public Transportation Project in US.

  • 5. An elaborately interlocked, state-of-the-art wi-fi network connected to this DHS neighborhood surveillance equipment has been quietly placed by Puget Sound Energy underneath Seattle city streets using this same official “green” cover. This wi-fi network feeds into, among other agencies, the Seattle Police Department and the regional DHS/NSA Fusion Center.

These solar-powered, allegedly green Intellilights, and their accompanying surveillance cameras, include the following capabilities:

  • High-fidelity audio and video surveillance of conversations of motor vehicle passengers and pedestrians;
  • Announcements/advertisements loudly broadcast by SPD/DHS or merchandising corporations, similar to Nazi Germany at its height;
  • Constant broadcast of mass mental entrainment (mind control) frequencies weaponized by DHS/DOD black budget psychological operations (psyops);
  • Massive irradiation of vehicle passengers/pedestrians by dangerous back-scatter radiation from the accompanying overhead surveillance cameras at 50 feet or more.

Seattle/Tacoma Police Roll Out DHS-Funded “Predictive Policing” Surveillance Program

Seattle Is Now Under Unofficial DHS Control

Where All of This Criminal Insanity Is Going: Videos Showing GMO Pollinator Mini-Drones/USAF/DHS Urban Surveillance/Assassination Mini-Drones in Action

7. These surveillance cameras are made by the aptly-named Rapiscan: this is the same corporation that makes the notorious TSA “naked body scanners” found at the SeaTac Airport, which emanate the same dangerous back-scatter radiation, and are reportedly being removed from SeaTac after much public outcry. Perhaps these dangerous, intrusive TSA scanners are being secretly — but “sustainably” — recycled into these naked body neighborhood surveillance cameras.

  • The SPD/DHS designation for all of the above is “predictive policing”, with the cute abbreviation of “pred pol”. This abbreviation, “pred pol” is not only cute, but very useful, as it could also have multiple meanings — such as “predatory police” and “predatory politicians”.
  • The Intellilights are manufactured by a corporation called Illuminating Concepts. If you remove the “ng” at the end of that corporate brand, you will begin to get the picture, as obvious patterns being revealed by information contained in this bulletin:
  • The rollout of these DHS citizen neighborhood surveillance programs — including that of white unmarked DHS surveillance vans also emitting dangerous back-scatter radiation now present on our streets and highways —

DHS Is Now Doing Drive-By Surveillance — What’s Next?

This mysteriously coincides with a sudden increase of incidents of urban terrorism in our country and corporate-controlled mainstream media obsession with them, as well as a sudden corporate media-orchestrated national campaign for gun control: the reported mass shootings of Aurora/Sandy Hook, bombings at the Boston Marathon and JFK Libraries yesterday, and traffic being stopped in downtown Seattle today because of a backpack being mysteriously left in/near the King County Courthouse.

. Meanwhile, however, all corporate-controlled Seattle-area news media — including its so-called alternative/independent newspapers — have mysteriously failed to report on this major story: DHS/SPD Intellilamps/Rapiscan neighborhood surveillance devices with a supporting wi-fi underground network are being installed throughout Seattle neighborhoods, using the official cover of “sustainable development”. This shows media complicity — along with that of city officials — in this cynical, unconstitutional, covert program of corporate government/police surveillance of environmentally-oriented Seattle-area residents — who have been targeted by the US corporate government as NDAA 2012-designated enemy combatants.

. None of the abovementioned DHS/SPD surveillance programs were openly discussed with the people of Seattle before their city officials imposed them, which is a violation of the Seattle City Charter, as well as of the original Constitutions for the United States and Washington State. The City of Seattle’s own polls indicate that at least more than half of Seattle residents do not believe that they are being heard, and that city government has become a closed, faux-democratic process.

13.  This could be because, since 1930, the City of Seattle, its police department, as well as its other agencies — as do those of the State of Washington — tacitly comprise private, for-profit subsidiary corporations of the private, for-profit  Federal Reserve System/US Government Corporation, which  is in turn controlled by the corrupt global banking  cartel and those sinister forces behind it.

Hard Evidence of Complete Corporate Takeover at All Levels of US/UN                             

14.  Even though the aforementioned surveillance drone and waterfront camera programs were, after intense public pressure, recently eliminated/mitigated by some key  Seattle city officials, certain city officials obviously want this portion of the planned DHS Trapwire   pilot neighborhood surveillance program targeting Seattle  neighborhood residents to continue unabated.  And  this secret DHS surveillance program is using the City of   Seattle’s Sustainable Development/Smart Cities Initiative  as a green-washed Trojan horse — by which the systemic  tyranny of the globalist 1% will be allowed an even greater control over our city than it already has.

15. Fortunately, there are now exist some very effective, though as-yet  little-known measures that we the people can take to more  fully understand and transform this dangerous situation  into one beneficial to both ourselves and our planet. Please research the weblinks below, then gather together with like-minded neighbors to take highly informed, highly  focused local action to help restore real freedom to the people of Seattle, of America, and of the entire world.

Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

One  People’s Public Trust UCC Filings (OPPT)