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Beverly Newman, Advocate, Florida, will co-host this show.

By law, we are all required to report suspected child abuse.  But what happens to the report after you do?  What can happen to you as a result?

As an example; In the Sandusky case parents and victims reported the sexual abuse for years and nothing was done.  Was there retaliation?  The parents were ridiculed and discounted.  The victims were forced out of the programs.

As an example: The rampant pedophilia in the Catholic priesthood was reported for decades.  To protect the predators, law enforcement engaged in a cover-up with church leaders.  Victims were harassed, ridiculed, marginalized, said to be mentally ill……..while hundreds if not thousands more children were molested.

So what happens to those who report abuse?  Tonight we discuss several cases of what should have happened vs what should not have happened.


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