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Have any of the parents of these children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or school officials or, these psychiatric quacks considered the possibility that these children who are obviously in an agitated state are responding to radio frequencies that permeate the schools, neighborhoods and homes: anywhere and every where?

As the number of SMART meters, cell towers and hidden antennas, rise, so does the number of childrenninini diagnosed with so-called attention deficit disorders.  These same children appear to be responding to some invisible force that makes it impossible for them to think clearly and stay focused, or to remain still in their seats at school. At home they appear hyper-active and uncontrollable.  Many are unable to achieve adequate sleep which adds to the overall distress the child appears to be suffering from.

You can go to and find out just how many cell towers and antennas have been installed and/or hidden in a four mile radius around your home.  This information may give you a clue about what might actually be wrong with your child.  It may also explain tinnitus, headaches, blurred vision, anxiety attacks, muscle cramping, and a general feeling of dis-ease…experienced by you!


According to Northwestern University:

ADHD is now a common diagnosis among children and teens,” said Craig Garfield, M.D., first author of the study. “The magnitude and speed of this shift in one decade is likely due to an increased awareness of ADHD, which may have caused more physicians to recognize symptoms and diagnose the disorder.”

And it is just as likely, if not more so, that what is being diagnosed as ADD or ADHD is actually a physical response to wi-fi, pulsing microwaves from SMART meters and the massive ongoing installation of cell towers and antennas; all of it engulfing every area of our communities.  Maybe what these children are really responding to is the continual exposure to microwave radiation.  

It is entirely possible that these children are suffering the same adverse side affects of electro-sensitivity that many adults report, especially those living within 100 miles of the GWEN towers stationed across the country.  Around the GWEN towers are clusters of affected individuals, all reporting bizarre and extraordinary things, including physical symptoms that either no one can explain or, no one will explain.

Northwestern also reports:

The number of American children leaving doctors’ offices with an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis has risen 66 percent in 10 years, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study. Over this same timeframe, specialists, instead of primary care physicians, have begun treating an increasing number of these young patients, the study found.”

According to the study, in 2010, 10.4 million children and teens under age 18 were diagnosed with ADHD at physician outpatient visits, versus 6.2 million in 2000.”

That is 10.4 million children who were forcibly medicated with stimulant psychotropic drugs, the effects of which have not been thoroughly investigated and it is unknown what kind of lifetime damage these medications might cause.  Maybe what is really needed is to remove these children from these toxic microwave/radio frequency bathed environments, to a safe place where they are protected from the waves.  I think it highly probable that in short order many of the symptoms of these so-called mental disturbances would most likely disappear.

Our kids don’t stand a chance

We truly are raising an entire generation of damaged children.  Between deadly and useless “vaccines” many of which contain human diploid cells (gathered from the lung tissue of aborted babies), our children now have as many as 1 million strands of someone else’s dna in their bodies.

The injections also contain carcinogens, heavy metals, wild viruses, mutated proteins, and the dna in the vaccine can be transfective and recombinant, meaning it can combine with human DNA and mutate.

Alliance for Natural Health reports:

“And we’ve seen cross-species transfer of DNA happen before. A significant percentage of human DNA is actually viral DNA that became part of us over 40 million years ago. There is concern that virally transmitted DNA may cause mutations and psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and mood disorders. GE organisms may exacerbate this phenomenon.”

We also feed them genetically modified foods that can contain the DNA of other species and that DNA can transfer over to our DNA, along with pesticides, herbicides and fluoridated water. Aspartame which big dairy producers want added to milk and dairy products for absolutely no reason, is a deadly poison; yet it is in more than 5,000 products already, even though the FDA knows it is extremely harmful.

As if all this was not enough to cause agitation, lets throw a big load of microwave radiation into the mix.  Just to make sure they get their share, lets put one or more SMART meters on their homes and on every home in their neighborhood.  Then lets put wi-fi in our schools so they can be exposed to it all day long.  Then lets add dozens of cell towers and antennas in close proximity to their homes.

Gosh…….I wonder what is wrong with these kids? Electro-sensitivity, too?