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National Blueways System

The provision within the National Blueways system for “headwaters to mouth” is the new catch phrase for “waters of America”.  Using the tried and true method of renaming an assault on the states to make it sound like a good deal when we know it isn’t, is nothing new.  The intent is to take over all water from any source whatsoever.

While the government is planning on blowing out more than 2600 dams here in the US, allowing fresh legal vwater resources and reservoirs to flow away into the ocean, we are constantly warned of a water shortage.  The excuses for this is that rivers need to be restored to their former states to save some fish that has long ago adjusted to its surroundings.

Since there is in actuality no critical water shortage, one has to be created.  This will be done by redefining what is federally controlled water, and, by emptying reservoirs and other water reserves.  No dams will replace those blown meaning that all water in that river or stream will disappear into oblivion while your water is rationed.  All of this just in time for the installation of SMART Water Meters which will drive your water bill through the roof.

But the issue of water is not about the salmon, or the rivers flowing free or any other environmental nonsense.  It is converting all water everywhere to be under the control of the federal corporation to facilitate the LOST treaty, and to convert even simple trade into federal commerce.

The National Blueways Water System appears to be the work of the infamous Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Department of interior, but is actually the intended result of several executive orders from the president. Secretary Sally, as he is often referred to, has been the facilitator of the massive land devastation in the Western States.  His plans to “industrialize” the western states have resulted in the decimation of our wild horses and burros, for reasons unknown, the selling off of public lands to private corporations,  and of course the whole sale destruction of water and land resources which are in reality, state assets.  The Department of Interior, as a privately owned federal corporation, rakes in the profits from this whole-sale plundering of state lands and resources while supplying minimal compensation to county’s and states governments.  Of  course the state is left with the now devastated landscape and pools of irreclaimable contaminated water.

We’ll do it one waterway at a time! 

Having been unsuccessful in their attempts to redefine the waters of America, from any source whatsoever, as an all encompassing grand theft of water, water rights, water ownership and water control, the Obama Administration via Secretary Sally has come up with a new and improved, spruced up, benign sounding program:  National Blueways System.  Doesn’t that sound something we would want?  Doesn’t it sound like something we should have?  Do you feel all warm and fuzzy now?

The Secretary of the Interior Executive order 3321

under Section 3 : Authority, Secretary Sally says this:

The bureaus within Interior have a broad panoply of legal authority

to carry out their respective missions that support enhancing river recreation, undertaking river

restoration, and pursuing river protection initiatives to pass on healthy rivers to future

generations. These authorities include the Comprehensive Environmental Response,

Compensation, and Liability Act, 42 U.S.C. 9601 et seq.; the Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956,

16 U.S.C. 742 et seq.; the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, 16 U.S.C. 661 et seq.; the Land

and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965, 16 U.S.C. 4601-4 et seq.; the National Wild and

Scenic Rivers Act of 1968, 16 U.S.C. 1271-1287; the Federal Land Policy and Management Act,

43 U.S.C 1702 et seq.; the Reclamation Act, Public Law 57-161; the Omnibus Public Land

Management Act of 2009, Public Law 111-11; and the National Trails System Act of 1968,

16 U.S.C. 1241 et seq. 

And lord knows we have seen the results of the DoI “broad panoply of legal authority to carry out their respective missions”.  The western states are being raped and plundered by “stakeholders”  which most times turn out to be good corporate friends of those at the DoI.

Industrialization is merely the corporate takeover of public lands; lands the DoI and Bureau of Land (mis)management were charged with protecting.  Instead, the federal agencies laid claim to the lands and the assets which, according to them, only they could adequately protect.  After years of devastation, mismanagement and obliteration of formerly owned state assets, the Feds are now coming for the water; most likely the most valuable and profitable asset any state has.

Executive Orders are not the law!

The Secretary of the Interior can not be given powers the congress does not and never did have. The president cannot arbitrarily give the secretary powers that the president does not have.

Executive orders cannot be lawfully applied to the states.  So the question becomes: “Why do our state governments comply with these orders, knowing they are not constitutional and that these orders will arbitrarily affect businesses and the economies of the states, not to mention the rights of individuals to thrive in an economically viable environment?”

Tell me why an appointed agency head is allowed to issue corporate executive orders and foist those orders on the individual states?  A second question would be to ask why, when the constitution prohibits the federal government from owning any land other than the District of Criminals, insular possessions and territories, it has been allowed to lay claim to lands within the geographical boundaries of the states?  Further, just because congress exceeded its authority and unlawfully empowered a federal corporation, does not by necessity make it lawful or enforceable.

The creation of yet another sub-agency called the National Blueways Committee, a creation of an unlawfully created federal agency for no other purpose than to pull in as many corporate federal agencies as possible is nothing new.  The inclusion of every possible agency is to ensure that if one of the agencies can’t control you and your land, surely one of the remaining agencies can.

Headwaters to mouth….they are taking it all

As with most efforts to unlawfully take from the states their protected rights and assets, when it can’t be accomplished on the federal level, they simply begin putting the plan into motion incrementally within the states themselves.  This is done by invoking fictional powers of federal agencies over the states and by creating new agencies and entities.

The federal corporation that operates as the federal government, is desperate to seize control of all water from any possible source.  There are several very distinct reasons for this:

1) Water is the new “gold” and is now traded not as a human right, but as a commodity.  The federal corporation is desperate to seize control of this commodity in order to profit from it by selling rights to the water to corporate buddies that are waiting in line.

2) To establish the claim that any activity we engage in of any kind is contract and therefore subject to the federal governments’ interference, due to the idea that virtually all business crosses, is transported on or is in contact with water at some point, the commerce clause of the Constitution (by their own interpretation of this clause) would give them authority over absolutely everything we might do.  This would end navigable for title state rights to determine the best possible use for the water ways and would end any state controls whatsoever.  It would also end private water rights owned by individuals.

This would also relieve any possible interference from state agencies or the individual citizens.  While this is going on, states such as Oregon and Colorado have declared that all water, even rain off your roof, belongs to them and have subsequently prosecuted and jailed property owners for the illegal collection of rain water that supposedly belongs to the state, and for failing to get a permit from the state to collect their water.

According to Oregon water laws, all water is publicly owned. Therefore, anyone who wants to store any type of water on their property must first obtain a permit from state water managers

The purpose of this claiming the ownership of water would be to implement full-blown admiralty law, more commonly known as the law of kings.  Keep in mind the king is never wrong.  Where does that leave you?  It leaves you without any access to Constitutional protections or protected property rights.

Note: **Personally, if the state is claiming ownership of all water, as property owners and taxpayers, we should be billing the state and federal government for involuntary storage of their commodity, and for any subsequent damages “their” water may cause.

Don’t be fooled by this fluffy sounding title for this unlawfully created [Committee].  One way or the other the federal government is going to seize control of all waters from any source whatsoever, even if they have to start with just one river in Connecticut.

What better way to exert total control over the population than by seizing water as a commodity.  After all….they already took over food production and our health care.



Examples of word swaps used :

Property, protected by the Constitution is now called a premises, subject to international laws and no constitutional protection.

Property owners, are now referred to as stakeholders, implying they are not the actual owner of the property, either land, animals or other tangibles, but only someone who might have an interest; as in third party but not the actual owner.

Constitutional treaty’s have been replaced with corporate, government to government “ trade agreements”, but are sold as if they are the Supreme law of the land as a treaty would be, when in fact, they are nothing more than corporate agreements that you were never party to and which have no force except in the 10 square miles of the District of Criminals.

And now, National Blueways System is replacing the desired Waters of America