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Join us this evening as Debbie Coffey and John Holland discuss the ugly business of horse slaughter.  Communities that have previously had slaughter plants complain about the horrendous smell, the terrible sounds coming from the plants and the rise in local crime rates as desperate plant owners employ anyone willing to do the nightmarish work.

Most horse slaughter plants were closed in 2007 due in large part to the inhumane conditions surrounding the slaughter.

Horse slaughter produces massive amounts of by-products.  How are these by-products disposed of and who pays the bill on that?

What will the horse slaughter business actually do to local economies?

Who actually benefits and profits from this horrendous business?

Understand the reasons behind targeting small communities, usually those desperate for cash and jobs.

While some out there try to sell the public on slaughtering horses, 80% of the American public objects to it.  Claiming it is a humane way of ridding supposed unwanted, starving horses, the fact is that most that are slaughtered are fairly young healthy animals.

There is nothing humane about horse slaughter.  It is a torturous and painful end for the animal and those who work in slaughtering plants appear to take an inordinate amount of pleasure in tormenting these animals before death ever occurs.


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