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Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation    


The pro-horse slaughter shot heard around the world…   Don’t let this gutless coward hide!

Many of us have already viewed a video posted on youtube, seemingly by Tim Sappington, who is employed by the Valley Meat Company in Roswell, New Mexico…..


(which is attempting to become one of the first horse slaughter plants to re-open in the U.S. since 2007), which captures an act that should bring shame to the cities of Roswell (where Tim Sappington works) and Dexter (where Tim Sappington seems to reside) and to the state of New Mexico. 

Tim Sappingon’s video is being viewed nationally and internationally, and if you haven’t seen it yet, click here.

Don’t let a coward hide, or let Tim Sappington’s actions go unnoticed, especially in his communities.   His video shows a mindset that should frighten communities and put communities who might condone this attitude on alert that this is a shot being heard around the world, and this will adversely affect their economies, especially tourism.

Below are some suggested comments for a letter (write your own personal comments, but please be polite) to be sent to community and government leaders (who are listed below):

Dear Sirs/Madams:

Tim Sappington, who is employed by Valley Meat Company (3845 Cedarvale Rd., Roswell, New Mexico 88203) and seems to live in Dexter, NM, posted the following video on youtube that is being viewed nationally and internationally, and reflects shamefully on your communities and the state of New Mexico.

Here  is a link that contains this 50 second video (scroll down the article, until you see the man with a cowboy hat and the horse)

Although the graphic states “horse plays dead…,” Tim Sappington actually shoots and kills the horse.   This is now a shot being heard around the world.

The act in this video is receiving national and international attention, and will adversely affect your economy and tourism (which supplies many more jobs than a horse slaughter plant).

While I am sending this letter to you with great sadness after viewing such a soulless act, you should be aware of many other public concerns regarding horse slaughter plants, and more unwanted affects of having one in your community.

Here are links to some articles regarding unwanted affects:


Your name

List of people to write:

(When you remember that trusting horse, you can choose to write all, some or even one person on this list, but remember,

your voice counts and you can make a difference):

U.S. Senators from New Mexico

Martin Heinrich:

Tom Udall:

City of Roswell officials

Roswell mayor Del Jouney:                                                                                 

and City Roswell Council members:

Roswell, NM Chamber of Commerce:

Roswell Daily News:

Economic Development Corp of Roswell-Chavez County:  Robert J. Donnell (Exec. Dir.)  and Jessica Chaves (Project Mgr)

Dexter, NM officials

Mayor David White and Town Councilors (Norman P. Caffell, Jim Berry & Thomas Morales) of Dexter, NM

Leo V. Pennington, pastor, Midway Baptist Church in Dexter: “”&

New Mexico Governor

Susana Martinez:

New Mexico House of Representatives

Ron C. Nelson, USDA FSIS, Denver

Auralie Ashley-Marx

, Chief of Solid Waste, NM Environment Department,


(505) 827-2902