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Drugging America to death

The recent calls by knee-jerk politicians and other notables, to expand mental health screening for anything and everything, is anchored in the new DSM 5 about to be launched against the public. And this is an attack! The insane ramblings of selected psychiatrists are codified into one volume of the most insidiouslydrugs_dees inane and fictional collection of non-existent mental illnesses that will be used to target and label individuals.  The benefits of labeling as mentally ill, in reference to future lawful privileges, activities and rights is tied directly to this new and improved collection of fake mental disorders.

Think about this for a minute………….

When you hear Dr. Phil say to the parents of a child who is acting out that they must understand that the child has a bio-chemical imbalance…..Dr. Phil is blowing smoke.  He and others like him can produce not one blood test of any kind, not one scientific study of any kind, not one x-ray, CT Scan, MRI, or any other physical test that confirms the existence of a bio-chemical imbalance.  It is an assumption, and one without any body of evidence to support the conclusion.

According to:

“So, are (SSRI) antidepressants an answer? Do they correct a particular chemical imbalance somewhere in your brain? No, they don’t. Antidepressant-drugs are not correcting any “bio-chemical imbalance” but putatively interact with serotonergic neurons, whereupon serotonin levels raise in your complete body, not solely the brain, increasing the risk of the potentially fatal toxic hyperserotonergic state of the Serotonin Syndrome.”

What about the MMPI 1, and MMPI 2?


“Documents through local analysis of the interpretive structure for the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory 2 how it, and other similar psychological tests, produce false conclusions of mental disorders and label certain thoughts, life experiences, personal habits, social relationships, religious and political beliefs as indicators of mental disorders. No set of responses exists that can be interpreted to conclude the individual taking the test has an absence of psychological problems. Methods used to rig the false positive conclusions violate the scientific requirements for establishing causal relationships and violate the U.S. Supreme court standards of testability, refutability and falsifiability. Once the false positive conclusion that a mental health problem exist is made there is no human act that can disprove the false positive.” (emphasis mine) Book available HERE.

In other words, there are no viable answers or combinations of answers, that will allow the conclusion that no mental disorder exists.  Armed even with this knowledge, the American Medical Association, the FDA, and the Department of Health and Human Services is salivating at the mere thought of the increased sales of deadly pharmaceuticals, and the accompanying kickbacks from manufacturers sure to bolster any government account and most likely several private accounts.  All three agencies have already embraced this collection of non-existent ailments as though it was written with the finger of God.

And not one of these agencies has asked for, nor has any doctor or psychiatrist produced, one iota of empirical evidence, not one scientific study nor evidence of any kind to support their conclusions.  Several of the so-called top players in the psychiatric field gathered in a room and created and then voted on the inclusion of their fictional mental illnesses.

Teen Screen and other marketing tools

One of the more insidious things to come out in recent years was Teen Screen.  The intent of Teen Screen was not to identify teenagers who actually might have a problem.  The main focus of Teen Screen was to identify teenagers who could be targeted for forced medication. As a result, tens of thousands of teenagers were forcibly medicated with Ritalyn, Haldol, Seroquel, Zyprexa, and other toxic pharmaceuticals that caused massive brain storms and aggressive behaviors, the effects of which will last their lifetime.  The damage is permanent.  But, so what?  Schools were paid per head for medicating their students.

The questions on Teen Screen are mundane and seemingly neutral.  Therein lies the deception.  Questions about feeling sad, angry, happy……all the feelings we all experience in day-to-day life, are now “mental disorder flags”.  The kids must need medication.  After all, kids should be happy 24/7, and if they aren’t…..we got a pill for that.  Maybe two, three or more.

The secondary focus of Teen Screen is to get Child Protective Services involved, and by extension, Social Services.  This is where you need to grab your own butt and hang on….If you refuse to medicate your child with known toxic drugs that cause severe and debilitating side affects, CPS and SS will abduct your child and put them somewhere where these drugs will be administered.  After all, there are quotas to be filled and agency funding to be obtained and with mental health clinics now targeted for our schools along with drug financing, you can bet virtually every child will be deemed “mentally ill and needing medication”.

Finally, Teen Screen asks questions about the child’s home life.  Basically a snitch and tell system whereby the child is asked to disclose the habits of parents. Also, they ask if there are guns in the home and where they are kept.  (Did a bell just go off here?)  But the DSM 5 will make Teen Screen look like amateur hour.

It’s not ok to have a bad day!

The normal processes we go through as we move through life, the usual and expected ups and downs are now all codified into a list of mental disorders, the DSM 5. Our children are being conditioned to think that anything other than some drug induced euphoria is abnormal, not realizing that these massive doses of brain damaging and impairing toxic drugs will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, many adults have also conditioned themselves to believe life is not worth living unless it includes copious amounts of pharmaceuticals and are just too happy to accept the labels attached to them by the medical and psychiatric communities as long as it gives them access to an unending supply of drugs.  Most people are unaware of the huge kickbacks given to medical professionals for prescribing various drugs being pushed by the manufacturers.

In the mix are our state legislatures who are jumping on the mental illness/pharma band wagon and submitting bills prepared for them by “stakeholders” which include requests for federal grant money for “targeted drug management therapy”.  This is a direct attack on our children and, a clear attack on the public at large.  Our elderly, already routinely abducted and forcibly isolated and medicated under the pretense of incompetence so that their estates can be looted, will be in more danger now than they have been.  The DSM 5 will make grumpy old men (and women) victims of a system designed to render any behavior at all as a  mental illness.

Do we need mental health help?

Yes we do.  But the areas where it is of help are limited and obvious.  No one I know is advocating the end of counseling and occasional medication, short-term.  What most people are opposing is the expansion of mental health interference into our daily lives for no other reason than potential profits, and the eventual use against us of that information, in the future.

When you combine the horrendous drugs that the FDA routinely approves as safe and effective knowing that they are not, with the effects of genetically modified foods, pesticides, herbicides, fluoride in our water, atrazine contamination of water in the heartland, chemtrails and those damn vaccines, it’s a wonder any of us are alive.

The DSM 5 will be used to promote deadly pharmaceuticals that are totally unnecessary.

Whether through the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe, we are being drugged to death as a population.


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