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Join us March 10th, 2013 at 7:00 pm CST!


5:00pm PST … 6:00pm MST7:00pm CST8:00pm EST

Listen live HERE!

CAllin number: 917-388-4520

Beverly Newman, Elder Advocate, Florida, will co-host this show.


Join us this evening as we welcome Courtney from the organization Corrupt CT.
Co-founder/ Co – owner
Focus has been on exposing the judicial corruption, judges abusing powers, CPS kidnapping children. As there seems to be no safe entity within our government, it is we the people who must start acting and uniting. Holding judges, attorney generals, attorneys, and any state agency withing our “government” for their actions. If we continue to stay silent about these actions, that is giving them the green light to continue.

Exposing what they are doing, children are not for profit, a lifetime of someones work should NOT be stolen as they take advantage of the elderly. C.P.S and A.P.S ( We must stop this together we can, many speak about change, actions speak louder than words. Our families and loved ones are “profitable”, ENOUGH silence, UNITY is needed.


Also we will be discussing the new DSM 5….a manual containing 293 fictional mental disorders.  Released just in time to work in tandem with Obamacare, the DSM is a collection of billable and unprovable mental “illnesses”.   With no medical, scientific or other evidence that the newly created fictional  disorders exist, the government along with the AMA and the American Psychiatric Association  have created the perfect tool for deeming absolutely any behavior of any kind, as some kind of mental illness.

This manual will be used to further label our elderly and our children with fictional disorders that can be billed to your insurance company and, which can be used to claim you are incompetent for the purpose of estate theft.

We are seen as chattel property, to be bought, sold and traded for profit.  they have been doing this to our children through Children’s Protective Services ( a misnomer if ever there was one) for years.  Always they come for the weakest and the most vulnerable.