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The chronic attempts by the District of Criminals, regardless of which faction of the one-party system they claim allegiance to, remains focused on finding the perfect excuse, the biggest tragedy to exploit to, convince America to give up its right to keep and bear arms.  The 9/11 event is a perfect example of exploiting a tragedy in order to convince people to give up their Constitutional rights and protections.

The recent and ongoing efforts now taking place in each and every state to limit, prohibit and criminalize gun ownership are not accidental or coincidental.  This is a staged plan with a specific agenda.  Disarm droneAmerica.  Of course, they are using our children, holding them up as if they are martyrs to the 2nd Amendment.  The fact is, our government could care less about the safety and well-being of children anywhere as is evidenced by our continued drone strikes in Pakistan and those now planned for the US. Hundreds of thousands of innocent children have been collaterally murdered in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan where children are, and will be, killed.  The difference is, when the government murders innocent children around the globe, it is called “collateral damage”.  If you murder children (or anyone) we call it what it is…..murder.

Drugs vs guns

As a result of the information that came to light with regards to the administration of psychotropic drugs to individuals involved in the shootings over the last few years, the government jumped on the “mental health” band wagon and found a perfect means to prevent future adults the right to keep and bear arms.  Its really a very simple and insidious plan: Pass laws in each state empowering the schools to engage in fictional mental health determinations.  Give them grant money to make sure they take the bait.

Whether the people involved in the mass shootings were actually suffering from some form of mental drugs_deesdistress and from the administering of toxic drugs known for causing aggression, homicidal/suicidal ideation, violence, erradic behavior, worsening of symptoms, massive depression and other assorted brain storm activities, will never be known.  What is known is that they had been targeted for drug “therapy” and the results of this therapy are evident.

Now, again exploiting the tragedy’s without addressing the possible underlying causes, everybody and their crazy brother is claiming that access to guns caused the tragedy’s.  Couldn’t possibly have been the forced administration of known neuro-toxins; known for causing bizarre and unpredictable behavior and increasing the likely-hood of violence.

Failing at education and now they are going into the mental health business?

There is not a school in the country that is not laboring under the financial and educational crisis that is No Child Left Behind.  Our teachers no longer teach, but recite the prescribed information and then “test” the kids to see if they absorbed what most times is pure crap.

Having gotten away with running vaccine clinics in our schools and with some states like California passing laws giving children as young as 12 the right to consent to deadly vaccines without parental consent, it was only a short leap to setting up phony mental health clinics.  These services of course will be predicated upon the administration of hard core drugs and big pharma will be more than happy to pass out toxic drugs.

The free funds for implementing a massive mental health invasion in our schools combined with the notoriously fictionalized DSM 5, about to be launched as an assault on the general public, and the perfect database for denying future adults the right to keep and bear arms will be fully operational.

School children are about to be diagnosed with a number of fictional mental illnesses that will be entered into their files as if they are facts and which will follow them for the rest of their lives.   The long term result will be the compilation of a database which will be used to prohibit gun ownership in the future.

It is after all, the perfect plan.  Catch them while they are young and probably don’t own a gun, label them as being mentally ill with fictionally created mental illnesses.  Put that information into a life file that will be used in the future to prohibit gun ownership, claiming a history of mental illness.

The result will be that in 10 to 15 years, virtually one third of the adult population will be denied the right to keep and bear arms based on what is a medically and scientifically unprovable collection of diagnosis’s.

But I suppose now we can understand why the American Medical Association along with the federal government is supporting and promoting the DSM 5.  Even an uneducated person could sift through this collection of arbitrarily created disorders and realize that those who compiled this massive book of fiction are most likely mentally ill them selves.

Maybe they are suffering from “the lunatics are running the asylum” disorder, otherwise not specified.  This could also be applied to the senators and representatives pushing this garbage.


Here in Minnesota, this is one of two bills now pending in the Minnesota senate.

S.F. No. 263,  as introduced – 88th Legislative Session (2013-2014)   Posted on Feb 01, 2013

1.1A bill for an act

1.2relating to children’s mental health; appropriating funds for identification of early

1.3psychosis, intensive treatment, and supports.



1.6(a) $……. in fiscal year 2014 is appropriated from the general fund to the

1.7commissioner of human services to fund special projects to provide intensive treatment

1.8and supports to adolescents and young adults experiencing psychotic symptoms or

1.9their first psychotic episode. Intensive treatment and supports may include medication


, psychoeducation for the individual and the individual’s family, care

1.11coordination, employment supports, higher education supports, cognitive behavioral

1.12interventions, peer support groups, family support groups, social skills training, crisis

1.13planning, stress management, and supportive housing.

1.14(b) $……. in fiscal year 2014 is appropriated from the general fund to the

1.15commissioner of human services to provide training and guidance to mental health and

1.16health care professionals on early psychosis in adolescents and young adults, screening

1.17tools, and best practices.

Another bill provides all the “free money” for this assault on our school children.

Download: Minnesota-2013-SF259-Introduced.html

SF 259

A bill for an act

1.2relating to children’s mental health; appropriating funds for children’s

1.3school-based mental health grants.




1.7Of the general fund appropriation, $……. in fiscal year 2014 and $……. in fiscal year

1.82015 are appropriated to the commissioner of human services for children’s school-linked

1.9mental health services. At least 25 percent of the new funding shall be targeted to

1.10providers that can serve schools that have the highest percentage of special education

1.11students categorized as having an emotional and behavioral disorder (EBD), high

1.12poverty, or a high use of prone restraints. The commissioner shall ensure that grants are

1.13distributed to rural and urban counties. The commissioner shall require grantees to use

1.14all available third-party reimbursement sources as a condition of receipt of grant funds.

1.15The commissioner must consult with school districts that have not received school-linked

1.16mental health grants but want to collaborate with a community mental health provider.