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“We are being high-jacked by a pack of criminals, thugs and thieves who will make sure that we, the public, take the brunt of any “cuts”.  Those at the top of the income ladder, those who have the word “corporation” attached to their names and those who hold political office will not experience any “cuts”.  In fact, I doubt any of them could even bleed if they did.”


This is a hi-jacking

 One of the great political battles composed only of partisan politics is unfolding right before our very eyes.  The battle over ending the massive over spending by both houses of congress and successive presidents has morphed into how badly either side can scare the public into submitting to the threats. And it will be21150explosion the public who will suffer.  Not the corporations.  Not the wealthy.  Not the politicians or the president.  It will be me and you and everyone you know.

Both sides are banking on how badly they can scare the general public into going along with, a) Increasing taxes on the wealthy and ending preferential treatment for corporations and continue spending like there is no tomorrow or, b) No tax increases and approximately 750,000 people losing their jobs and continue spending like there is no tomorrow.

While the average American can observe from the outside the massive expansion and waste in the federal government and can clearly see where cuts to any budget could reasonably be made, apparently those inside the Beltway suffer from severe tunnel vision.  That vision is focused squarely on their bank accounts and campaign war chests.  This is important! It is these funds that allow them to retain these lucrative, albeit criminal, offices they occupy.

There is absolutely no chance that wasteful government spending will end under either option.  The public is being treated like pawns in a grossly politically charged war between two factions of the one party system in the District of Criminals.

Threats, Threats and more Threats

Reports are that cuts to child care, vaccinations (we can only hope!) and public health would be affected.  (Bill Gates is most likely crying in his killer polio vaccine along with friends from Merck)  But preferential tax breaks for the uber wealthy won’t be affected.

No mention of cutting the massive oil cartel subsidies and credits that culminate to 38 billion dollars while these same corporations rake in hundreds of billions in profits.

No mention of capping what can be charged for gas & oil products in return for those massive subsidies and credits.  Better to let them artificially inflate the price of oil.  That way, the federal government and state governments can subsidize the cartels further by providing heating assistance to an increasingly poverty-stricken population.

Of course air travel will be affected as the number of TSA agents available to molest old people and handicapped children among other unfortunate travelers, would be reduced and would cause an increase of up to four hours delay in boarding a plane.  So many perverts and no place for them to ply their trade!  I have no idea why this delay would occur.  Get rid of TSA and the security checks would go much smoother and faster.

No one wants TSA or believes that TSA is remotely necessary. The public recognizes TSA for what it is…….an unconstitutional police state organization that would be better defined as a terrorist organization.  Just because they wear some uniform and badge does not make them any less a band of terrorists.  Just ask any of the travelers they have assaulted and molested and realize that not one…countem’!…not ONE terrorist plot has been exposed.  Unless of course you count the false flag plots staged by the FBI.

Terrorist plots hatched by the FBI

“The United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years — or so it has seemed. A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol; a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh, N.Y.; and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts.

But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. Suspects naively played their parts until they were arrested.”

Napolitano wouldn’t think of cutting the excessive spy programs, the unwarranted surveillance of the general public, the massively bloated Homeland Security Terrorism staff, TSA or any of the unconstitutional and unlawful activities HST engages in.  Nope!  Lets cut loose thousands of illegal aliens back into the country so that they can tap social welfare programs or take jobs from Americans.

And not one word…not ONE…made mention of the massive purchases of ammunition and 7,000 AK-47‘s by Homeland Security Terrorism.  No mention of the 30,000 unconstitutional drones that will be in our airspace to spy on us.  No one mentioned the cost of the 500 roving vans with back-scatter x-ray to scan you as you walk down the street, coming to a city near you.

From the Intelhub:  “Think about the enormity of this for a second… 30-THOUSAND drones flying overhead surveilling the US. If you divide that by 50 states, that is 600 drones per state!”

Homeland Security has ordered 500 roving vans complete with x-ray scanners to be used across the country.  You can be scanned walking down the street, in public places or even in your own yard.  Why? You might be a terrorist.  With our economy in shambles, and the national debt posing a real threat, the best they could come up with is to spend another estimated ½ billion dollars on vans to cruise our streets and surreptitiously x-ray to see if we have weapons on us?  Really?

Janet Napolitano scares me, sort of

Janet Napolitano says Homeland Security Terrorism would be hard hit.  In anticipation of the cuts that have not even occurred, Janet Napolitano cut loose thousands of illegal immigrants being held for deportation.  That ought to piss you off enough to make you go along with the program!

Also targeted for cuts are clean air and water programs (read: EPA) The Environmental Protection Agency is anything but a protector of the environment.  A privately owned federal corporation, its function is to eradicate property rights and usage while giving oil cartels a pass on having to abide by any clean air or water regulations.  (Don’t let the door hit you in your EPA a*# on the way out!)

There will be cuts…but only to those who don’t matter

  • The point is this:
  • Cuts will be made across the board to any program or activity that directly affects you right there in the town you live in.  This will happen so that you get the point.  The point is……..
  • They are going to continue to expand the federal government and they are going to continue to spend money they don’t have.
  • They are going to continue to load bills with pork barrel spending which is actually an indirect tax on the country to finance the campaigns of politicians in their districts so they look good at home.
  • They are going to continue to give preferential treatment to the upper 3% and corporations even if you starve to death in front of them.
  • They are going to continue to wage wars of aggression against countries such as Syria, Iran and now several countries in Northern Africa. After all, they have oil, gold and other assets we want and they won’t give them up willingly.
  • They are going to continue to coddle corporations to keep the money mill rolling while knowingly selling out the American public for corporate campaign donations.

Bring in the clowns!

The coup de’gras was some high-ranking military officer claiming that cutting defense spending, one of the most wasteful and unaccountable areas, would cost the lives of soldiers. I thought the bombs, depleted uranium, gun shot, and other war weaponry caused those deaths.  Turns out….military deaths can also be caused by cutting the bloated military budget by 114 million or so because soldiers would not, for reasons unknown, get training they would need to invade another non-aggressive but targeted country.

In April 2012, Peter DeFazio wrote:

“Despite the fact that the Pentagon is the largest and most expensive department in the federal government, it has never passed a financial audit,” he says on his House website. “In fact, under current law, the Pentagon is exempt from a federal law that requires all federal agencies to complete annual audits.”

Well my goodness!  That makes me feel better!

The shell game

Needless to say that there are hundreds if not thousands of pork barrel ventures, wasteful programs, bloated agency staffs, private contractors and insidiously stupid activities that could be totally wiped off the budget with the only effect being, we are better off.

We are being high-jacked by a pack of criminals, thugs and thieves who will make sure that we, the public, take the brunt of any “cuts”.  Those at the top of the income ladder, those who have the word “corporation” attached to their names and those who hold political office will not experience any “cuts”.  In fact, I doubt any of them could even bleed if they did.

This is not a sequestering.  It is a hi-jacking.